North Country Energy LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By North Country Energy LLC
Map of Wells Operated by North Country Energy LLC
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P O BOX 52767


Leases Operated by North Country Energy LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-253979 DEBBIE LANE UNIT Tarrant County
09-264059 DEBBIE LANE WEST UNIT Tarrant County
10-00159 COOPER UNIT Carson County
10-00165 GARNER, C. R. C&D Carson County
10-00821 HARDIN-JOHNSTON-STARNES Hutchinson County
10-00981 OATES Hutchinson County
10-01133 BRITAIN Hutchinson County
10-01136 WISDOM, BELLE Hutchinson County
10-01280 WISDOM, BELLE NCT-3 Hutchinson County
10-01595 STEVENSON Hutchinson County
10-01598 ANTELOPE CREEK Hutchinson County
10-022900 JOHNSON Hutchinson County
10-023931 SANFORD -H- Carson County
10-023932 SANFORD -H- Carson County
10-024112 DAUER Carson County
10-024113 DAUER Carson County
10-024114 DAUER Carson County
10-024667 JACOBSON Moore County
10-025252 JOHNSON Hutchinson County
10-025261 SNEED Moore County
10-026668 STATE OF TEXAS Gray County
10-02699 BROWN DOLOMITE UNIT Gray County
10-027809 NUSBAUM, M. M. Sherman County
10-02843 JOHNSON, M. T. Hutchinson County
10-03257 ANTELOPE CREEK Hutchinson County
10-03827 PRICE, W. D. Hutchinson County
10-040405 SANFORD Carson County
10-04400 STACY Carson County
10-04420 SEVEN HOLES Carson County
10-04459 CRUTCHFIELD Carson County
10-04743 RILEY Hutchinson County
10-05114 BURGESS Moore County
10-05180 PERKINS, J.J. Hutchinson County
10-05333 TWO-BAR RANCH "96" Carson County
10-05373 TEALA Moore County
10-05623 ROBERTSON Moore County
10-05870 SNEED Moore County
10-05937 BURGESS A Moore County
10-06011 MAJESTIC Moore County
10-06340 J. RANCH Hutchinson County
10-06370 HUNT Moore County
10-06616 CELESTE "B" Moore County
10-092577 JOHNSON -B- Hutchinson County
10-105926 SANFORD -H- Carson County
10-108242 DEAHL -A- Carson County
10-198652 SANFORD Carson County
10-207926 MOORE Carson County
10-210995 MOORE Carson County
10-220645 SANFORD 13 Carson County
10-223156 SANFORD -H- Carson County
10-278318 JACOBSON Moore County

Drilling Permits Filed by North Country Energy LLC