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Leases Operated by North Lake Resources LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-145643 RAY, GEORGE Goliad County
02-192478 MARTIN Live Oak County
02-251107 HICKS Jackson County
03-09018 KOCH, T. F., NCT-1 Jefferson County
03-116421 KIRBY STEPHENSON Hardin County
03-138174 KOCH, T. F. NCT-1 Jefferson County
03-141148 GROTTE OL Washington County
03-156982 SEEKER Washington County
03-178887 ALVENA Matagorda County
03-179179 FALLS Washington County
03-193667 STEELE Matagorda County
03-23010 ZINN UNIT Galveston County
03-25255 MARKERT-BROWN Lee County
03-25497 BOETTCHER PATSCHKE Lee County
03-25523 N. PERRY Lee County
03-26215 COLLINS Matagorda County
03-263510 TRULL Matagorda County
03-26591 PINTAIL FLATS Colorado County
03-271136 HARFST COUEY Wharton County
03-27389 MAYES -A- Chambers County
03-27496 FEDERAL Chambers County
06-095673 LANGFORD, C. M. Rusk County
06-099605 CAGLE-HARRIS Rusk County
06-10235 DAVIS-REDWINE Rusk County
06-109191 KANGERGA ESTATE NO. 1 Rusk County
06-11211 DAVENPORT, H. S. ET AL Anderson County
06-119413 GRANT, G. GU Rusk County
06-119927 GREER, THOMAS B. Nacogdoches County
06-12404 HANSON Shelby County
06-124818 MCCAIN Panola County
06-12796 CARTER Panola County
06-128778 GREER, T.A. Panola County
06-138478 KELLY Gregg County
06-141710 THOR ENERGY/FURRH Harrison County
06-151049 MCCAIN Panola County
06-15172 RAGSDALE Cherokee County
06-15402 IRONWOOD Panola County
06-154076 OUSLEY GAS UNIT "B" Cherokee County
06-161832 SEXTON, H. Rusk County
06-178942 SHARTLE FARMS Nacogdoches County
06-196077 IRWIN Nacogdoches County
06-212494 GARRISON GAS UNIT 4 Nacogdoches County
06-214461 OXSHEER Nacogdoches County
06-215884 JOPLING GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-221104 JOPLING GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-221816 BEARD GAS UNIT #1 Shelby County
06-222463 JOPLING GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-222467 BEARD GAS UNIT #1 Shelby County
06-226108 GRAVES GAS UNIT Shelby County
06-227339 MAY, LOLLIE Rusk County
06-227340 STOCKMAN, EMMIT Shelby County
06-232740 IRWIN "A" Nacogdoches County
06-235134 JOPLING GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-235214 HAWKEYE Shelby County
06-242331 GREER Shelby County
06-243232 IRWIN "A" Nacogdoches County
06-243599 MS. JACKIE Nacogdoches County
06-247060 BEECH CREEK UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-252412 SCOTT San Augustine County
06-258877 RIVERVIEW Nacogdoches County
08-158528 MCKENZIE Ector County
7B-169821 ROSS Palo Pinto County
7B-26073 STEVENS, CECIL Jones County
7B-27762 GODFREY Jones County
7B-28867 GODFREY, W. L. Jones County
7C-05669 SUGG, ELA C. Irion County
7C-074482 ALDWELL RANCH Sutton County
7C-077845 ALDWELL RANCH Sutton County
7C-085953 ALDWELL RANCH Sutton County
7C-097683 SUTTON Sutton County
7C-098306 SUTTON Sutton County
7C-099896 SUTTON Sutton County
7C-100128 SUTTON Sutton County
7C-119300 SIMMONS A Sutton County
7C-18014 HARRELL Crockett County
7C-266156 SUTTON "A" Sutton County
7C-275337 ALDWELL RANCH -A- Sutton County
7C-275814 PERNER Crockett County
7C-277281 PERNER Crockett County

Drilling Permits Filed by North Lake Resources LLC