O'Benco, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By O'Benco, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by O'Benco, Inc.
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P O BOX 6149

Leases Operated by O'Benco, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-11329 ARCO-CUSHING Tyler County
05-04050 TRITON Henderson County
05-04277 CATFISH CREEK Henderson County
05-04278 CATFISH CREEK #2 Henderson County
05-04299 BEECHER-COX Henderson County
05-04308 LAMBRIGHT HEIRS UNIT Henderson County
05-04309 LARUE UNIT Henderson County
05-04310 PEARCY-PRESCOTT UNIT Henderson County
05-04311 HOLLEY LAKE UNIT Henderson County
05-04312 PHARRIS UNIT Henderson County
05-04313 KNEPPLE UNIT Henderson County
05-04315 JERNIGAN UNIT Henderson County
05-04318 BYWATERS UNIT Henderson County
05-04320 TESELLE UNIT Henderson County
05-04321 GLAD OAKS UNIT Anderson County
05-04322 A.F. HOGG UNIT Henderson County
05-04325 PALMER UNIT Henderson County
05-04329 MCCUTCHIN UNIT Henderson County
05-04333 J. REYNOLDS UNIT Henderson County
05-04339 WOODALL UNIT Henderson County
05-04344 CROMBIE UNIT Henderson County
05-04378 VANNOY UNIT Anderson County
05-185844 REED, BOBBY GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-205585 SIMS, ALTON Limestone County
05-206077 SIMS, ALTON Limestone County
05-210251 DOSS GU Limestone County
05-216622 DOSS GU Limestone County
05-216681 DOSS GU Limestone County
05-217876 DOSS GU Limestone County
05-227302 SIMS, ALTON Limestone County
05-228122 SIMS, ALTON Limestone County
05-230650 MENTZEL GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-231668 DOSS GU Limestone County
05-231689 SIMS, ALTON Limestone County
05-232492 REED, BOBBY GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-233043 DOSS GU Limestone County
05-233489 SIMS, ALTON Limestone County
05-233628 DOSS GU Limestone County
05-233692 DEVON FEE 3 GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-235758 SIMS, ALTON Limestone County
05-235839 SIMS, ALTON Limestone County
05-237730 REED, BOBBY GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-240297 RICKARD GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-240375 RICKARD GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-240377 REED, BOBBY GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-240380 REED, BOBBY GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-241481 WHITE Robertson County
05-241582 TROJACEK GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-241764 SIMS, ALTON Limestone County
05-241815 REYNOLDS GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-244047 TXU 4 Robertson County
05-244071 LONDON Robertson County
05-247690 REYNOLDS GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-247833 DEVON FEE 5 GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-252368 TXU 4 Robertson County
05-257671 MENTZEL GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-259808 DEVON FEE 6 GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-261872 TXU 8 Robertson County
05-261874 TXU 7 GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-262609 TXU 5 GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-262637 TXU 9 GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-284861 DEVON FEE UNIT 46 Robertson County
05-285485 TNDN (ALLOC) Robertson County
05-285746 DFW 53 Robertson County
06-038389 HAYNES, R. W. UNIT Harrison County
06-05592 YOUNG Panola County
06-12994 TAYLOR Cass County
06-15373 MORRIS, ER Cass County
06-15659 MOORE- STARCKE Cass County
06-178516 HAYNES GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-222650 NIX, BILLIE Nacogdoches County
06-224452 GRIFFIN, ROBERT Shelby County
06-233624 HOGAN Harrison County
06-234135 JENKINS "A" Harrison County
06-234142 HARRIS, DOYLE GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-235919 BYRNE, HAZEL R. GAS UNIT NO. 2 Harrison County
06-236019 MEEK-HAYNES Harrison County
06-240008 GRIFFIN, ROBERT Shelby County
8A-70291 JONES 519 Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by O'Benco, Inc.