Ohlhausen Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ohlhausen Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Ohlhausen Oil Company
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P O BOX 5138


Leases Operated by Ohlhausen Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-00358 JACKSON, I. N. Callahan County
7B-00501 JACKSON -E- Callahan County
7B-02459 FOY, O. H. -A- Jones County
7B-02468 THREADGILL, COOLIDGE Jones County
7B-048085 BALLENGER, R. W. Fisher County
7B-04829 KELLEY, R. W. Throckmorton County
7B-061589 JONISUE Fisher County
7B-06440 BARKER, C. P. Runnels County
7B-06762 ANTILLEY, FRANK Taylor County
7B-06770 HOBBS, B. F. Taylor County
7B-06834 CHRANE, G. A. -G- Taylor County
7B-07009 WETSEL, W. B. Fisher County
7B-073608 WARSHAW, JESSE Fisher County
7B-07640 MCCARTY Taylor County
7B-07787 NEEPER, P. M., -A- Fisher County
7B-08399 MCCALL, H. E. Fisher County
7B-08477 KING, CHARLES, EST. Taylor County
7B-08575 PUTNAM, T.R. Throckmorton County
7B-086407 BALLENGER, R. W. Fisher County
7B-08650 MORRIS, J. H., -B- Fisher County
7B-08657 NOLTE, WILLIAM, EST. Taylor County
7B-08950 HILLS, RADFORD Taylor County
7B-09218 BRASHEAR, CHARLES Fisher County
7B-09642 KENNARD, MABEL Callahan County
7B-09762 KENNARD, MABEL -A- Callahan County
7B-11014 FLORES, JACK Callahan County
7B-11598 GARFIELD Callahan County
7B-13626 CAVE, J.W. Fisher County
7B-14165 ANTILLEY, FRANK Taylor County
7B-14654 STIFF, JONISUE Fisher County
7B-14782 MCCAIN Fisher County
7B-15428 STIFF, JONISUE Fisher County
7B-15488 DUGAN, J.F. Jones County
7B-15630 CARTER, B.F. Fisher County
7B-15823 COX Fisher County
7B-15952 JORDAN Nolan County
7B-16542 DUGAN "A" Jones County
7B-16866 MCCOMAS -A- Taylor County
7B-17158 MACGREGOR "B" Jones County
7B-17537 JACKSON "D" Callahan County
7B-17797 OHLHAUSEN, W.T. Taylor County
7B-18507 WILDER, RAYMOND Jones County
7B-187666 ROGERS Fisher County
7B-18770 DICKEY, SYBIL Callahan County
7B-19058 EVANS Taylor County
7B-21476 KENNARD "8" Callahan County
7B-21543 BUNYARD, J.B. Nolan County
7B-23923 BROWN, L.N. Taylor County
7B-24137 BRAZELTON Nolan County
7B-24444 FOY, O.H. "A" Jones County
7B-24905 JACOBS, J.C. Taylor County
7B-24939 JACOBS, J.C. Taylor County
7B-25044 WHITE, J. V. Jones County
7B-25326 ALDERMAN, MARY L. Nolan County
7B-25799 KENNARD Callahan County
7B-26046 STEPHAN Taylor County
7B-26077 KENNARD Callahan County
7B-26101 CAVE, J. W. Fisher County
7B-26281 WILLIAMS, G.C. Taylor County
7B-26325 EVANS Taylor County
7B-26605 WILLINGHAM, A. J. Taylor County
7B-26702 LOVEN-COMPTON UNIT Callahan County
7B-26746 CLEMMER, A. W. Jones County
7B-26803 CLEMMER, A. W. Jones County
7B-26807 WILLINGHAM UNIT "A" Taylor County
7B-26811 CARTER, B.F. Fisher County
7B-26958 SEALE-CLICK Callahan County
7B-26970 WINDHAM, MARIAN "B" Shackelford County
7B-30954 CAVE, JAMES 'A' Fisher County
7B-31580 ELLIOTT-DYER Shackelford County
7C-06788 SALMON Coke County
7C-11448 WENDLAND Coke County
7C-11669 WENDLAND "A" Coke County
7C-12442 SMITH, T. D. ESTATE Runnels County
7C-12521 WINGATE Runnels County
7C-12600 PATTERSON Runnels County
7C-15047 COATS Runnels County
7C-15621 WENDLAND "B" Coke County
8A-68451 RILEY, T. S. Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ohlhausen Oil Company