Okie Operating Company, LTD. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Okie Operating Company, LTD.
Map of Wells Operated by Okie Operating Company, LTD.
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TULSA, OK 74103


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Leases Operated by Okie Operating Company, LTD.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04004 ROBINSON, M. C. Burleson County
02-004228 ALEXANDER, M. S., ET AL Karnes County
02-022963 BOERM, MINNIE Karnes County
02-022964 MONECKE, BERTHA Karnes County
02-022970 RATHKAMP, AUGUST Karnes County
02-030566 SPEARY GAS UNIT Karnes County
02-031995 RATHKAMP, AUGUST Karnes County
02-03288 JARZOMBEK, CAROLINE, ET AL Karnes County
02-033542 MOCZYGEMBA, J. S. Karnes County
02-03872 BROUGHTON, J. Jackson County
02-08828 RHODES TRUST Karnes County
02-08984 PINSON SLAUGHTER UNIT Karnes County
02-177060 KULAWIK DeWitt County
02-217745 HACKNEY, BESSIE Karnes County
02-220609 ELIZABETH GAS UNIT Karnes County
02-220623 ELIZABETH GAS UNIT Karnes County
03-13007 VYCHOPEN "A" Burleson County
03-20563 BIG RIVER Brazos County
03-22349 THOMASON Burleson County
03-223726 HANCOCK GAS UNIT Wharton County
03-25023 BYINGTON HOLLER Brazos County
03-284198 JEFFERY Burleson County
04-02039 ALEXANDER /160 AC./ Brooks County
04-02046 ALEXANDER /400 AC./ Brooks County
04-11368 DE PENA, V.L. Starr County
04-116136 ALEXANDER 400 ACRE Brooks County
04-125255 ALEXANDER (400 AC) Brooks County
04-131140 ALEXANDER 400 AC. Brooks County
04-138175 ALEXANDER, K. J. Brooks County
04-143491 DE PENA, V. L. Starr County
04-157128 MOLLETES CREEK "A" GU Zapata County
06-016632 PARKER, J. D. Cass County
06-13781 WILLIAMS Cass County
06-147014 PARKER, J. D. Cass County
06-147042 PARKER, J. D. Cass County
09-33638 JONES STATE UNIT Throckmorton County
09-33664 HANNIS Throckmorton County
10-01408 EDES Wheeler County
10-01409 WILLIAMS Wheeler County
10-04792 GHEEN, ROY H. Ochiltree County
10-084534 STUDER, J. C. Hemphill County
10-125367 MOUNSEY Lipscomb County
7B-267601 EWB Throckmorton County
7B-30929 WBRR 233 Throckmorton County
7C-018975 FAULKNER, A. W., MRS. Kimble County
7C-019017 WILSON, DUKE Sutton County
7C-019183 TURNER, CARRIE L. Kimble County
7C-032032 ADAMS, J. E. & P. E. Sutton County
7C-044465 VANDERSTUCKEN "B" Sutton County
7C-045209 BROCKMAN Sutton County
7C-05146 ADAMS, P. E. & J. E. Sutton County
7C-051639 FAULKNER, W. MRS. Sutton County
7C-05803 FT. TERRETT RANCH /CANYON LM/ U. Sutton County
7C-069262 WILSON Sutton County
7C-071244 FAULKNER, H. M. "C" Sutton County
7C-07172 FAULKNER, H.M. -B- Sutton County
7C-07211 ADAMS, P. E. & J. E. Sutton County
7C-073678 WADE 33 Sutton County
7C-073774 SELLMAN 33 Sutton County
7C-073778 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County
7C-074645 STEWART 34 Sutton County
7C-081626 WADE 33 Sutton County
7C-081757 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County
7C-081759 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County
7C-081760 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County
7C-081762 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County
7C-08755 ADAMS, J. E. "C" Sutton County
7C-104866 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-105028 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-105029 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-105030 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-110786 WADE 35 Sutton County
7C-113081 HOWELL-GARRETT UNIT Sutton County
7C-125330 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-125414 VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-126706 VANDERSTUCKEN "B" Sutton County
7C-13105 ALAMO FREIGHT LINES INC. Kimble County
7C-136640 FAULKNER, H. M. "B" Sutton County
7C-137170 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County
7C-137176 BROCKMAN, GEORGE Sutton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Okie Operating Company, LTD.