Omar Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Omar Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Omar Operating Company
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Company Name:

PO BOX 10487

Leases Operated by Omar Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-07825 MCCOLLUM,F. T. & WIEBUSCH, G. W. Andrews County
08-147117 EDWARDS ESTATE Ward County
08-27365 EDWARDS Ector County
08-28871 EDWARDS ESTATE Ward County
08-29908 KISSINGER Ward County
08-31551 LAWRENCE "A" Howard County
08-31967 COWDEN -G- Ector County
08-33672 EDWARDS ESTATE Ward County
7B-16634 SMITH Fisher County
7B-16674 HARVEY Fisher County
7B-17425 JOHNSON Fisher County
7B-17572 KENT Fisher County
7B-18144 SMITH "A" Fisher County
7B-18170 KENT Fisher County
7B-18187 HERRINGTON Fisher County
7B-19836 CUMMINGS Fisher County
7B-19966 SMITH "A" Fisher County
7B-20031 KENT Fisher County
7B-20060 TERRY Fisher County
7B-26751 SMITH Fisher County
7C-069263 WILSON Sutton County
8A-08753 UNIVERSITY M37820 Gaines County
8A-110957 JONES Gaines County
8A-62404 HINSON "A" Terry County
8A-64440 WRISTEN Dawson County
8A-64740 ESTES 'A' Gaines County
8A-66502 CLAYTON, SCOTT Borden County
8A-66560 CHISUM Kent County
8A-66865 BURKHART Howard County
8A-68439 CLUCK Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by Omar Operating Company