Otex LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Otex LLC
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1305 AVE B


Leases Operated by Otex LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-07501 SUN-GULF-HUMBLE FEE Liberty County
03-07516 TIDEWATER OIL CO. FEE Liberty County
03-07597 SINCLAIR OIL CO. FEE Liberty County
7B-00917 NORRIS, H. O. Coleman County
7B-01093 CAMPBELL, B. F. Coleman County
7B-01094 NORRIS, H. O. Coleman County
7B-018167 GARRETT, G. W. Coleman County
7B-018171 HOLT, W. F. Coleman County
7B-018172 HOLT, W. F., ET AL Coleman County
7B-018253 HOLT, W. C. Coleman County
7B-053131 JONES & BURROUGHS Brown County
7B-05771 MCCLURE, J. E. -A- Coleman County
7B-070613 J. L. BOGGUS Coleman County
7B-07167 HOLT, DUANE C. Coleman County
7B-07887 WALTON, A. J. Coleman County
7B-080010 GEORGE, LARRY Brown County
7B-080890 LARRY, GEORGE Brown County
7B-081211 JONES & BURROUGHS Brown County
7B-081212 STOVER, D. G. Brown County
7B-081213 STOVER, D. G. Brown County
7B-084762 LARRY, GEORGE Brown County
7B-086586 GARRETT, G.W. Coleman County
7B-087693 SEWARD Brown County
7B-091634 GEORGE, LARRY Brown County
7B-09207 BROWN, SHIELDS Coleman County
7B-11113 CAMPBELL, H. Coleman County
7B-11142 MOORE, L. J., MRS. Coleman County
7B-115228 GIBBONS Eastland County
7B-120236 STEPHENS, J. Brown County
7B-120237 STEPHENS, J. Brown County
7B-125885 NORRIS, H. O. Coleman County
7B-130841 HARRIS,JOHN W. Coleman County
7B-13272 NORRIS, H.O. Coleman County
7B-141037 WELLS, J. "A" Coleman County
7B-142423 JONES-BURROUGHS Brown County
7B-143313 PARNELL Eastland County
7B-15113 LAWSON, H. UNIT Eastland County
7B-158082 THRIFTY Brown County
7B-163628 BOGGUS, J.L. Coleman County
7B-163919 HOLT, W. F. Coleman County
7B-23390 STEPHENS, J. Brown County
7B-24340 HICKMAN Brown County
7B-25395 PIERCE Brown County
7B-26437 SIKES Brown County
7B-26660 ZACK Brown County
7B-27519 NORRIS, H.O. Coleman County
7B-28595 NUNNALLY Eastland County
7B-29416 KELLY, J. L. Brown County
7B-31351 NUNNALLY Eastland County
7B-32661 NORRIS, H.O. "A" Coleman County
7C-06956 BISHOP - BIEMER McCulloch County
7C-08583 PFLUGER, MADLYN "1,2" Menard County
7C-08804 SWAIM RANCH "C" Menard County
7C-09322 PFLUGER, MADLYN "A" Menard County
7C-14692 DUWE Menard County
7C-14965 LIZZY "B" Menard County
7C-150074 PFLUGER "6-1" Menard County
7C-15219 PRUGEL-HENKE Menard County
7C-15321 LETHA JACOBY TRUST Menard County
7C-15337 PRUGEL - HENKE Menard County
7C-15383 OSBURN Concho County
7C-15403 NORMAN, TERRY Menard County
7C-156460 PFLUGER, M. Menard County
7C-16027 GARY Runnels County
7C-16118 GARY Runnels County
7C-16324 GARY-WALLER UNIT Runnels County
7C-16627 WALLER Runnels County
7C-16903 GARY Runnels County
7C-17141 CEDERHOLM Runnels County
7C-17307 HOELSCHER-SCHWERTNER Runnels County
7C-18371 HOELSCHER/SCHWERTNER 2A Runnels County

Drilling Permits Filed by Otex LLC