Palmer Petroleum Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Palmer Petroleum Inc.
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Leases Operated by Palmer Petroleum Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-25093 GOREE Madison County
03-25733 STARNES Madison County
05-03916 PAN AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE Henderson County
05-03945 TAYLOR Henderson County
05-205020 SARANDOS Leon County
05-220485 OGLE Leon County
05-282049 HIGHTOWER Henderson County
06-05473 SHAW UNIT NO 2 Rusk County
06-100012 LAIRD Rusk County
06-100101 FAIRCLOTH ESTATE Rusk County
06-102746 BEAN Rusk County
06-103435 LAIRD, S. S. B Rusk County
06-103629 TORKELSON Rusk County
06-109199 LAIRD Rusk County
06-12504 WEST TYLER (PALUXY BANKHEAD) Smith County
06-12875 MONTGOMERY Houston County
06-12880 SUMRALL Houston County
06-130253 WOLDERT-HENLEY Smith County
06-13221 DICKSON, ANNIE T. Gregg County
06-132429 FAIRCLOTH ESTATE Rusk County
06-132777 TORKELSON Rusk County
06-13433 OVERTON, E. (WOODBINE) UNIT Rusk County
06-136342 LAIRD Rusk County
06-136562 FAIRCLOTH ESTATE Rusk County
06-139147 AKINS Panola County
06-142091 LAIRD Rusk County
06-142960 FAIRCLOTH ESTATE Rusk County
06-143482 TORKELSON Rusk County
06-146203 LAIRD, S. S. B Rusk County
06-146699 LAIRD, S. S. B Rusk County
06-14732 SHIVERS Panola County
06-162268 AKINS Panola County
06-165713 BEAN Rusk County
06-168620 TORKELSON Rusk County
06-169132 FAIRCLOTH ESTATE Rusk County
06-169308 LAIRD, S.S. B Rusk County
06-170095 LAIRD Rusk County
06-170333 CHEROKEE EAGLE Rusk County
06-170925 FAIRCLOTH ESTATE Rusk County
06-171120 FAIRCLOTH ESTATE Rusk County
06-171545 FAIRCLOTH ESTATE Rusk County
06-172529 CHEROKEE EAGLE Rusk County
06-180838 TORKELSON Rusk County
06-185106 WEST PIRTLE GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-188224 MCCRORY, PATSY CHRISTIAN G.U. Rusk County
06-189935 LAIRD, S. S. B Rusk County
06-189936 WEST PIRTLE GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-190812 CHEROKEE EAGLE Rusk County
06-198543 CHEROKEE EAGLE Rusk County
06-207202 WRIGHT Rusk County
06-222644 WRIGHT Rusk County
06-223775 ANGELINA LUMBER CO. Angelina County
06-237278 TILLER GAS UNIT Panola County
06-239896 SHIVERS Panola County
09-067236 MATTHEWS, J. F. JR. Foard County
09-067238 MATTHEWS, J. F. JR. Foard County
09-067239 MATUS, J. JR. Foard County
09-127793 GAMBLE, WAYNE Foard County
09-130303 BACHMAN-WOOLF-KUEHN UNIT Foard County
09-135151 MATUS, JOHN JR. Foard County
09-157960 MATHEWS, J. F. Foard County
09-171920 MATTHEWS ESTATE Foard County
09-177466 KUEHN-THOMPSON Foard County
09-177468 MATTHEWS ESTATE Foard County
09-179351 PAIGE Foard County
09-181410 MATUS, JOHN JR. Foard County
09-191919 BACHMAN-WOOLF-KUEHN UNIT Foard County
09-194272 MATTHEWS ESTATE Foard County
09-194273 MATTHEWS ESTATE Foard County
09-197622 SWAN Foard County
09-197623 MORRIS Foard County
09-197692 MORRIS Foard County
09-201290 MORRIS Foard County
09-201292 MORRIS Foard County
09-213574 DURRETT Foard County
09-213576 MORRIS Foard County
09-213578 MORRIS Foard County
09-214637 MATUS Foard County
09-214641 GAMBLE Foard County
09-214643 SWAN Foard County

Drilling Permits Filed by Palmer Petroleum Inc.