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Leases Operated by Paloma Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-294881 WIEDERKEHR McMullen County
02-01222 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-01915 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-02211 ST. JOHN HEIRS Refugio County
02-07789 BROOKING, G.T. Jackson County
02-08889 SCANIO, MIGUELITA Refugio County
02-08913 BABB, T. J. Jackson County
02-08934 SHELTON HEIRS Victoria County
02-08963 SEALE Jackson County
02-08991 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-08999 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-09034 G.T. BROOKING Jackson County
02-09062 SCANIO, MIGUELITA Refugio County
02-09074 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-09193 BROOKING, G. T. Jackson County
02-09252 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-09317 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-09386 PLACEDO RANCH Victoria County
02-09425 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-10883 SHELTON Victoria County
02-10952 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-10984 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-11018 HUGHES Bee County
02-11113 WEHLMANN Victoria County
02-11248 PLACEDO RANCH Victoria County
02-11257 BROOKING, G. T. Jackson County
02-11259 SHELTON RANCH Victoria County
02-11261 SCANIO-SHELTON Refugio County
02-11295 SCANIO/SHELTON Refugio County
02-11300 JIMMIE C MORGAN Refugio County
02-11344 JOHN MITCHELL Refugio County
02-11359 JIMMIE C. MORGAN Refugio County
02-11393 ZORILLA MALONE Victoria County
02-11491 R. CANTU Goliad County
02-11704 MCGUILL-JACKSON Goliad County
02-11995 ZORILLA-MALONE Victoria County
02-12352 ZORILLA MALONE Victoria County
02-12490 SHELTON, F. BEN ET AL Refugio County
02-177973 SHELTON, BEN -A- Victoria County
02-184359 SEALE, SAM D. Jackson County
02-185226 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-188445 SHELTON, BEN -A- Victoria County
02-190357 SHELTON, J. ISABELLA Refugio County
02-191741 BROOKING-SEALE UNIT Jackson County
02-192156 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-198456 SCANIO, M Refugio County
02-200166 SCANIO, MIGUELITA Refugio County
02-205532 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-280122 SCANIO, MIGUELITA Refugio County
02-280160 SWAN SEALE Jackson County
02-281284 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-281946 VANDENBERG & HILL Victoria County
02-282648 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-282743 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-284790 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-287874 ZORILLA-MALONE SWD Victoria County
02-288674 LENTZ Victoria County
02-290673 LENTZ Victoria County
02-290858 VANDENBERGE & HILL Victoria County
02-290877 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-291356 LORENZEN Jackson County
02-293659 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-294099 ZORILLA-MALONE Victoria County
02-294817 MIGUELITA SCANIO Refugio County
02-295403 ROCHE Refugio County
03-27971 DABOVAL Wharton County
03-28019 C. J. DABOVAL -A- Wharton County
03-28043 LILIE Wharton County
03-287683 DABOVAL Wharton County
04-13789 WOSTAL STATE Duval County
04-13907 ROBLES Duval County
04-13957 YARBOROUGH Nueces County
04-13984 WOSTAL STATE Duval County
04-14010 YARBOROUGH Nueces County
04-14021 HINZE Jim Wells County
04-14027 WOSTAL STATE A Duval County
04-14164 D. PETERS Jim Wells County
04-277380 YARBOROUGH Nueces County
04-280147 YARBOROUGH Nueces County
04-295205 HLW Jim Wells County

Drilling Permits Filed by Paloma Operating, LLC