Pan American Petroleum Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pan American Petroleum Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Pan American Petroleum Corp.
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Leases Operated by Pan American Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-001981 HEARDE, CLAUDE E., -B- Bee County
02-002311 KARON UNIT Live Oak County
02-002443 LA ROSA UNIT/#ROOKE 16-T/ Refugio County
02-002445 LA ROSA UNIT /B. D. ROOKE/ Refugio County
02-003190 MORITZ, WILLIE H., GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-003927 HEARD, A.W.J. ESTATE Refugio County
02-004751 WITTE UNIT Victoria County
02-01556 COURTNEY, GEORGE L. Bee County
02-01561 HARTZENDORF, A. "A" Bee County
02-01562 HARTZENDORF, A. "B" Bee County
02-03237 O'CONNOR, MARY ELLEN "E" Refugio County
02-033062 OCONNOR, MARY ELLEN -E- Refugio County
02-034953 WHATLEY, R. W., "A" Calhoun County
03-02113 MATHIS, HENRY Galveston County
03-02210 DERRINGTON, J. D. Harris County
03-034275 STATE TRACT 71 Galveston County
03-036937 OLD OCEAN UNIT Matagorda County
03-036976 THOMPSON GU Matagorda County
03-03912 JOHNSTON, C. H. Hardin County
03-039304 KEITH & DOWBN Jefferson County
03-040859 SOUTH GILLOCK UNIT Galveston County
03-041040 OLD OCEAN UNIT Matagorda County
03-041162 SOUTH GILLOCK UNIT Galveston County
03-041213 TURNER, B.L. Brazoria County
03-041300 EDWARDS-SHELBY CONS. G.U. #1 Jefferson County
03-041460 PARDEN GAS UNIT Harris County
04-037974 GAS UNIT -A- ZONE 3 Willacy County
04-039782 GAS UNIT -A- ZONE 6 Willacy County
04-041492 WELDER RANCH San Patricio County
05-032892 WARE, W. T. Navarro County
05-043936 PIRTLE GAS UNIT Henderson County
06-016869 WOOD, BOB, GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-016924 SMITH, MAUDE -A- Gregg County
06-016925 WOOD, BOB, GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-016982 SMITH, MAUDE -A- Gregg County
06-017032 LAKE FERN UNIT Harrison County
06-017037 MCGEE, SALLIE STARR Harrison County
06-017061 WRIGHT MT. LP. UN. 93 Smith County
08-033758 FASKEN OPERATING AREA -B- Ector County
08-038172 TAYLOR, MACK -A- Winkler County
08-04846 SEAGO, EMMA Montague County
08-08357 MIDLAND FARMS "AK" Andrews County
08-08738 UNIV. "BZ" Andrews County
08-08862 UNIVERSTIY "BN" Andrews County
08-10466 NORTH COWDEN UNIT BLOCK XVI (16) Ector County
08-11679 UNIV. "CE" Andrews County
08-12148 UNIV. "DB" Andrews County
08-12232 UNIV. "DF" Andrews County
08-12263 UNIV. "DE" Andrews County
08-12291 UNIV. "DG" Andrews County
10-02140 PAZOURECK, WM. M.
10-02147 TARBOX, W. H. Ochiltree County
10-021902 AILEEN MITCHELL I Ochiltree County
10-021903 MORGAN, ARTHUR Ochiltree County
10-021982 MORRIS, NANNIE MAE Ochiltree County
10-02206 TARBOX, W. H. Ochiltree County
10-022178 STUMP, J. V. Ochiltree County
10-02223 TAYLOR, A. Ochiltree County
10-022329 LIPS RANCH -A- Roberts County
10-022641 RHF MORROW UN 7T Ochiltree County
10-02347 CARMODY, E. M. Hansford County
10-02357 WEINETT, V.L.
10-02366 ROBERTS, R. P. Ochiltree County
6E-07509 CHRISTIAN, C.O.
6E-07517 CREWS, C.C.
6E-07524 DIXON, JIM
6E-07528 EVERETT, C.B. "C"
6E-07561 LAIRD, S.S. & BEN
6E-07586 NOLAN, P.L. "A"
6E-07587 NOLEN, P.L. -B-
6E-07596 POWERS, J.S.
6E-07605 SANDERS, G.
6E-07632 WALKER, E.L. "A"
8A-08428 THOMPSON, J. B. Gaines County
8A-08627 FINCHER, G.T. Gaines County
8A-09557 L. M. BROWN Borden County
8A-11287 DEAN, C.S. "J"
8A-19174 WESCOTT, C. T. -A- Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pan American Petroleum Corp.