Pantera Energy Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pantera Energy Company
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817 S POLK ST STE 201


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Leases Operated by Pantera Energy Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-12240 FISCHER, NELLIE I. San Patricio County
10-01120 LONE STAR Hutchinson County
10-01441 LELA Wheeler County
10-01448 JOHNSON, EAST Wheeler County
10-01449 JOHNSON, WEST Wheeler County
10-01462 BUSH, W. B. Wheeler County
10-01464 KELLER, P. M. Wheeler County
10-01515 GAY Roberts County
10-01541 LOCKE -A- Roberts County
10-01664 BELL, A. R. Roberts County
10-01717 EDGE -A- Roberts County
10-01813 HAGGARD TR 9 LEC Roberts County
10-023668 BOST Hutchinson County
10-023973 PERCIVAL Carson County
10-024394 URBANCZYK -B- Carson County
10-024680 STRUNK Moore County
10-025582 MEINHARDT Moore County
10-025623 SMITH M Moore County
10-027281 LACY, MEEK Moore County
10-027386 ELMER Sherman County
10-027858 EVERETT, R. K. Sherman County
10-028079 FLORES Sherman County
10-028101 FLORES Moore County
10-04813 MCDOWELL "D" Hutchinson County
10-060938 WILLIAMS, S. K. UNIT Wheeler County
10-061598 CITY OF SHAMROCK UNIT Wheeler County
10-065255 WARREN, G. C. UNIT Wheeler County
10-066090 BEENE, D.O. UNIT Wheeler County
10-067596 LAYCOCK, C. K. UNIT Wheeler County
10-07846 STONE A Roberts County
10-08126 HAGGARD TR 4 WC Roberts County
10-08708 ETTER, T. H. Hansford County
10-089918 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-099510 ISAACS-SIMPSON Hemphill County
10-139400 TROUT, BEN Wheeler County
10-165222 BURNETT M Moore County
10-169067 FLORES Moore County
10-180705 CARTRITE, J. A. Sherman County
10-182472 ROSS, A.A. Hemphill County
10-186099 JUANITA Carson County
10-196235 GARLAND-SCOTT 44 Sherman County
10-215830 ISAACS Hemphill County
10-235827 HOBART RANCH Hemphill County
10-235907 ROSS Hemphill County
10-237059 ROYAL PENDLETON Sherman County
10-238729 PRICE ET AL "D" Sherman County
10-239502 FLORES Moore County
10-239508 FLORES Sherman County
10-245351 FLORES Moore County
10-245360 FLORES Sherman County
10-246093 HUBER ET AL 85 Sherman County
10-246128 COFFEE ESTATE 79 Sherman County
10-262722 HUDSON Sherman County
10-266503 SPURLOCK Sherman County
10-267255 FOERSTERLING Sherman County
10-268001 STILLWELL Sherman County
10-268444 STILLWELL Sherman County
10-269813 RICKY B Moore County
10-271920 HUDNER Sherman County
10-276004 AVERY Moore County
10-276128 PRICE 60 Sherman County
10-276271 MCDOWELL C Moore County
10-276732 SEELEY Sherman County
10-278106 WILBAR Moore County
10-278227 WILBAR Moore County
10-278253 SMITH M Moore County
10-278292 ROYAL PENDLETON Sherman County
10-278544 TAYLOR Moore County
10-278709 BRITAIN, E. C. Moore County
10-278731 OTIS PHILLIPS Moore County
10-279134 BRITAIN, E. C. Moore County
10-283391 BASKIN-JAHNS UNIT Sherman County
10-283892 OTIS PHILLIPS B Moore County
10-284282 BAER -ET- -AL- Moore County
10-292173 FOREMAN, A.D. Sherman County
10-292636 COFFEE H Moore County
10-294079 HUDSON, E. F. Sherman County
10-294231 SPURLOCK GAS UNIT Sherman County
10-294291 FOERSTERLING Sherman County
10-294499 CARTRITE GAS UNIT Sherman County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pantera Energy Company