Parsley Energy Operations, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Parsley Energy Operations, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Parsley Energy Operations, LLC
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IRVING, TX 75038

Leases Operated by Parsley Energy Operations, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-45123 UTL L. J. BELDIN 1211-17 Ward County
08-47292 PECAN STATE UNIT Pecos County
08-47318 WAHA Reeves County
08-47658 WHISKEY RIVER 0927B-7 Reeves County
08-47750 REDBUD STATE UNIT Pecos County
08-47896 UTL 2635-17 Ward County
08-47909 STATE EILAND UNIT 7-33 Ward County
08-48527 RK-UTL 3031B-17 Ward County
08-48635 UTL 2932-17 Ward County
08-48831 STATE SKINWALKER 2-8 Reeves County
08-48888 CHUPACABRA 1213-7 Reeves County
08-49105 STATE EILAND UNIT 18 GG HOUSTON Ward County
08-49498 EILAND 1112-GG Ward County
08-49530 STATE 5913A GG HOUSTON Ward County
08-49553 CORIANDER 2524-C3 Reeves County
08-49661 UTL 4443-21 Winkler County
08-49748 STATE EILAND 14 A GG HOUSTON Ward County
08-50360 CHERRY STATE UNIT 29-28 Pecos County
08-50436 STATE EMAIL QUEEN 1359 GG Ward County
08-50451 EILAND 1806B-33 Ward County
08-50530 EILAND 1806C-33 Ward County
08-50742 BIRCH STATE UNIT 23-26 Pecos County
08-50849 WHISKEY RIVER 9596A-34 Ward County
08-51092 HOGAN 1-24I Midland County
08-51852 MARIENFELD 13-24-H Martin County
08-51853 MASSEY UNIT Midland County
08-52327 KELLEN 36-25-H Martin County
08-52410 AUGUST 27-22-H Glasscock County
08-52839 HOGAN 1-25B Midland County
08-53118 RANCHLAND A UNIT Midland County
08-53156 STATE BIG TEX SOUTH 7673-8 Pecos County
08-54097 UTL 4546A-21 Winkler County
08-54141 HOGAN 1-13-D Midland County
08-54206 VENOM 6261C-34 Ward County
08-54428 VENOM 6261B-34 Ward County
08-54558 FRANCES 12-1-A Martin County
08-54587 KELLEN 36-25-A Martin County
08-54811 HOGAN 1-24-F Midland County
08-54890 BRUNSON 42-6-G Glasscock County
08-54985 MASSEY A UNIT Midland County
08-55075 HARRIS 17-20-B Midland County
08-55087 HOGAN 1-13-C Midland County
08-55272 WAYMORE 3-6-E Howard County
08-55274 WAYMORE 3-6-G Howard County
08-55320 MARIENFELD 13-24-A Martin County
08-55418 MAGNOLIA STATE UNIT Pecos County
08-55436 BRUCE SUTTER 41-29-F Midland County
08-55438 BRUCE SUTTER 41-29-E Midland County
08-55442 BRUCE SUTTER 41-29-H Midland County
08-55445 FRANCES 12-1-E Martin County
08-55446 FRANCES 12-1-F Martin County
08-55518 MARIENFELD 13-24-E Martin County
08-55519 UTL 4546B-21-81 Winkler County
08-55521 STRAIN RANCH 12-1-E Martin County
08-55522 STRAIN RANCH 12-1-F Martin County
08-55577 MARIENFELD 13-24-B Martin County
08-55591 HAYDEN 14-23-A Martin County
08-55605 HAYDEN 14-23-B Martin County
08-55606 HAYDEN 14-23-C Martin County
08-55609 FRANCES 12-1-B Martin County
08-55620 UTL 4546B-21-61 Winkler County
08-55622 HOGAN 1-25-A Midland County
7C-19896 DEVIN 25-24 Reagan County
7C-20044 ROBBIE 17A-8 Upton County
7C-20533 REESE 15-10-A Upton County
7C-20591 ATKINS 15-10A-E Upton County
7C-20622 ELLIE 20-29-D Upton County
7C-20904 KATHRYN 44-5-A Reagan County
7C-20919 ELLIE 20C-29-G Upton County
7C-20992 GRIFFIN 19-30-A Upton County
7C-21020 JACK 25B-24C-G Upton County
7C-21142 DEVIN 25-24-F Reagan County
7C-21143 DEVIN 25-24-D Reagan County
7C-21183 SEBASTIAN 19-18-C Upton County
7C-21191 HIRSCH E 29-17-B Upton County
7C-21192 HIRSCH E 29-17-A Upton County
7C-21193 SEBASTIAN 19-18-B Upton County
7C-21194 SEBASTIAN 19-18-E Upton County
7C-21212 SEBASTIAN 19-18-F Upton County
7C-21221 SEBASTIAN 19-18-D Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Parsley Energy Operations, LLC