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Leases Operated by Ped Oil Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-10650 DURNELL Houston County
08-08660 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE Howard County
08-087595 RICKER ST. #1 Reeves County
08-08765 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE -A- Howard County
08-094362 NEAL, ROXIE Pecos County
08-10293 TEX-HAN DOUTHIT /SAN ANDRES/ Howard County
08-106269 MCENTIRE Sterling County
08-161407 JANN Sterling County
08-161408 JANN "A" Sterling County
08-161409 RAY, JENNIE Sterling County
08-21037 JALONICK-MCALISTER Martin County
08-21223 DICKENSON "20-A" Midland County
08-21265 TURNER -A- Midland County
08-21297 TURNER Midland County
08-21309 GAULT Midland County
08-21645 OLTEN DICKENSON -A- Martin County
08-21754 JACKSON Midland County
08-21771 LEWIS, KATHLEEN -16- Martin County
08-21858 JACKSON -A- Midland County
08-22033 MCCRELESS, LEWIS -B- Martin County
08-22130 RHODES-SNODGRASS Martin County
08-22146 SMITH, OLLIE Martin County
08-22153 LEWIS-MCCRELESS -C- Martin County
08-22163 OLTON-DICKENSON -B- Martin County
08-22184 SHOEMAKER Martin County
08-22245 WEBSTER Martin County
08-22253 DAVIS Martin County
08-22321 LOVING ESTATE, -A- Martin County
08-22329 LOVING ESTATE Martin County
08-22467 LEWIS, KATHLEEN Martin County
08-22549 DICKENSON -C- Midland County
08-22561 DICKINSON "E" Martin County
08-22594 GRAHAM, EARNESTINE Midland County
08-22595 DICKENSON -F- Martin County
08-22605 RAGGETT Midland County
08-22619 FASKEN -72- Midland County
08-22657 LUCAS Midland County
08-22697 PRICE Midland County
08-22715 FREE, L. O. Martin County
08-22755 WHITEFIELD Midland County
08-22779 SMITH, LEONA BRYANT Midland County
08-23422 BUCHANAN, O. P. -C- Midland County
08-23452 BEAL-SNYDER "A" Martin County
08-23494 HEALD Midland County
08-23764 HILL, J.E., ESTATE Midland County
08-24364 CONOCO-UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-25005 MABEE RANCH Martin County
08-26501 GREEN, O.J. Reeves County
08-28593 DICKENSON -D- Midland County
08-29092 PED TREES Pecos County
08-31248 PATRICK Mitchell County
08-39673 PED WICHITA Andrews County
08-40724 MARTIN HEIRS STATE OF TEXAS Andrews County
08-40992 STATE SHOSID Andrews County
7B-11393 BALLARD #1 Haskell County
7B-11429 PUMPHREY, JAY B. Stonewall County
7B-18094 DRUESEDOW "A" Stonewall County
7B-19117 DRUESEDOW "C" Stonewall County
7B-22352 PED JOHNSON Coleman County
7B-27786 PUMPHREY, H. D. Stonewall County
7C-06546 COPELAND Sterling County
7C-06657 COX, X. B. Upton County
7C-06686 WINDHAM Upton County
7C-06852 COPELAND -2- Sterling County
7C-07111 MCDANIEL Glasscock County
7C-07606 CARGILE, CALLA MAE Coke County
7C-14114 MCDANIEL Glasscock County
7C-205424 WILLIAMS-SA HEALTH CORP. Irion County
8A-61789 DEATHERAGE Dawson County
8A-61794 DUNLOP Dawson County
8A-61837 BODINE Borden County
8A-61838 BARKOWSKY Dawson County
8A-61841 THOMAS Borden County
8A-61868 THOMAS "A" Borden County
8A-62891 MARSHALL Dawson County
8A-63404 ACOSTA Borden County
8A-66615 PATRICIA, NE. (SPRABERRY) UNIT Dawson County
8A-67831 SW LAMESA (SPRABERRY) UNIT Dawson County
8A-68754 THOMAS Borden County
8A-69089 HODGES Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ped Oil Corporation