Pendragon Oil Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pendragon Oil Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Pendragon Oil Co.
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Leases Operated by Pendragon Oil Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04414 COVERT, F. M. NCT B-4 Dimmit County
01-04544 COVERT, F. M. NCT A-4 Dimmit County
01-04545 COVERT, F.M. MCT B-3 Dimmit County
01-04618 COVERT, F. M. NCT A-4 Dimmit County
01-04969 HARRIS, JULIA Frio County
01-05020 SHOWN, GUY Frio County
01-05675 DUNLAP, SAMUEL C. ET AL Dimmit County
01-060977 COVERT, F. M. NCT B-4 Dimmit County
01-06247 BENNETT BROS Frio County
01-06479 ORCA. TURNHAM,MRS.JOHN C. Frio County
01-06858 TURNHAM-ASTRO NCT-1 Frio County
01-071994 COVERT, F. M. NCT B-4 Dimmit County
03-13391 VAVRA Burleson County
03-26531 VAVRA Burleson County
09-21980 SCOBEE Young County
09-24748 SCOBEE Young County
09-32565 IBEX - J Stephens County
09-33032 IBEX R Stephens County
09-33149 SIKES Stephens County
09-33563 JUDKINS Stephens County
09-33564 VAN WINKLE Stephens County
7B-040916 WILSON, MYRTLE Callahan County
7B-085521 MORTON Eastland County
7B-087604 BIBLE Eastland County
7B-089677 ISENHOWER, JOHN D. Callahan County
7B-102356 ISENHOWER, JOHN D. "A" Callahan County
7B-103824 PIERCE "A" Erath County
7B-117418 BELZNER Eastland County
7B-121917 THOMPSON Callahan County
7B-123258 FREYSCHLAG Eastland County
7B-124408 FREYSCHLAG Eastland County
7B-124493 GANN Eastland County
7B-125231 CLABORN Eastland County
7B-125234 GANN Eastland County
7B-131300 JETTON Eastland County
7B-132139 JETTON Eastland County
7B-133708 WOODS, D. Eastland County
7B-133762 JETTON Eastland County
7B-13555 ZIMMERMAN Eastland County
7B-138725 CASEY HEIRS "A" Eastland County
7B-143711 MCCLESKEY Eastland County
7B-143712 KIRK Eastland County
7B-143988 ISENHOWER, JOHN D. Callahan County
7B-147521 PIERCE -A- Erath County
7B-192600 WRIGHT Eastland County
7B-20514 THOMPSON Callahan County
7B-21168 BELZNER Eastland County
7B-22275 MCCLESKEY Eastland County
7B-22353 MCCLESKEY Eastland County
7B-22358 GRIGSBY Parker County
7B-224262 CHRISTIAN Eastland County
7B-22639 STEPHENSON Eastland County
7B-22712 KIRK Eastland County
7B-22713 SCOTT Eastland County
7B-23334 DAY Eastland County
7B-24321 WHITFIELD Stephens County
7B-24497 GORDON Eastland County
7B-24518 WOODS Eastland County
7B-24778 MORTON Eastland County
7B-25102 MCCLESKEY Eastland County
7B-25549 BOLES Eastland County
7B-25603 WOOD, D. Eastland County
7B-265308 COOK Stephens County
7B-28048 CHRISTIAN Eastland County
7B-28381 FREYSCHLAG Eastland County
7B-30227 SMITH, CARL Eastland County
7B-30334 EVA Eastland County
7B-30496 D. C. ZIMMERMAN Eastland County
7B-30633 LOBO Eastland County
7B-30677 LOBO Eastland County
7B-30801 EVA Eastland County
7B-31550 IBEX SWD Stephens County
7B-31666 JUDKINS Stephens County
7B-31667 IBEX - S Stephens County
7B-31929 SIKES Stephens County
7B-31944 IBEX R Stephens County
7B-31971 VAN WINKLE Stephens County
7B-32119 IBEX-J Stephens County
7B-32295 JUDKINS Stephens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pendragon Oil Co.