Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.
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IRVING, TX 75038


National Activity for Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.

Leases Operated by Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15751 EDMUND TOM 02 Atascosa County
02-09808 GUY PHILLIP WRIGHT 01 Live Oak County
02-09968 JAMES KEITH ESSE 01 Live Oak County
02-11430 THREE SISTERS 01 Live Oak County
08-15254 MIDKIFF UNIT Midland County
08-21487 GERMANIA SPRABERRY UNIT Martin County
08-37123 HUTT, DONALD L.'C' Midland County
08-37534 SCHARBAUER RANCH Martin County
08-40532 UNIVERSITY "7-43" Andrews County
08-44078 TEXAS TEN 'AA' Midland County
08-46106 SHACKELFORD Midland County
08-46263 TEXAS TEN Y PU Midland County
08-47292 PECAN STATE UNIT Pecos County
08-47318 WAHA Reeves County
08-50323 NORTHEAST SCHARBAUER Martin County
08-53496 ARICK-HOOPER UNIT Midland County
08-56568 IBIS WEST G 17-32 Midland County
08-57581 PRESTON 9G Midland County
08-58260 DAWKINS-JONES 33A Martin County
08-58283 YORK-LAW 139B Martin County
08-58324 YORK-LAW 139H Martin County
08-58339 ORSON-BILLY 139F Martin County
08-58343 YORK-LAW 139D Martin County
08-58355 BRUNSON 36-13I Glasscock County
08-58428 DRIVER 4C-W 3-46F Midland County
08-58446 DAWKINS-JONES 33B Martin County
08-58494 UNIVERSITY 7-20B Andrews County
08-58693 UNIVERSITY 7-20D Andrews County
08-58709 UNIVERSITY 6-48E Andrews County
08-58717 DRIVER 4C-E 3-46E Glasscock County
08-58726 UNIVERSITY 6-48A Andrews County
08-58774 TURNER W41H Midland County
08-58854 ARICK-SIMMS 26I Midland County
08-59079 ARICK-SIMMS 26E Midland County
08-59082 UNIVERSITY 7-20F Andrews County
08-59155 DRIVER 4C-E 3-46F Glasscock County
08-59228 DAVIS-LACY 31J Martin County
08-59229 DAVIS-LACY 31I Martin County
08-59231 DAVIS-LACY 31C Martin County
08-59237 TURNER W41K Midland County
08-59240 DAVIS-LACY 31E Martin County
08-59243 DAVIS-LACY 31L Martin County
08-59264 TURNER W41D Midland County
08-59339 ARICK-SIMMS 26K Midland County
08-59340 ARICK-SIMMS 26H Midland County
08-59341 ARICK-SIMMS 26L Midland County
08-59386 ARICK-SIMMS 26C Midland County
08-59387 ARICK-SIMMS 26M Midland County
08-59427 SHACKELFORD 40-12F Midland County
08-59428 ARICK-SIMMS 26D Midland County
08-59429 SHACKELFORD 40-12E Midland County
08-59430 SHACKELFORD 40-12D Midland County
08-59449 SHACKELFORD 40-12C Midland County
08-59452 BIGBY WEST F 10-3 Glasscock County
08-59488 DONALD L. HUTT FEE 10M Midland County
08-59496 WILLIAMS-HAZELWOOD 46A Martin County
08-59497 WILLIAMS-HAZELWOOD 46H Martin County
08-59502 SHACKELFORD 40-12B Midland County
08-59510 ARICK-SIMMS 26G Midland County
08-59520 WILLIAMS-HAZELWOOD 46F Martin County
08-59521 HIGHTOWER 10J Martin County
08-59539 ARICK-SIMMS 26F Midland County
08-59547 WILLIAMS-HAZELWOOD 46K Martin County
08-59639 HIGHTOWER 10F Martin County
08-59762 HIGHTOWER 10C Martin County
08-59820 HIGHTOWER 10G Martin County
08-59821 WILLIAMS-HAZELWOOD 46E Martin County
7C-04088 PEMBROOK UNIT Upton County
7C-14573 ROCKER "B" Irion County
7C-16296 UNIVERSITY "1-32" Reagan County
7C-16349 XBC GIDDINGS ESTATE Upton County
7C-16589 UNIVERSITY "2-20" Reagan County
7C-20252 RAY REED 32 Upton County
7C-21036 DRIVER 27 Reagan County
7C-22007 OWENS-CRAVENS E31A Upton County
7C-22168 NORTH BROOK SE45 Upton County
7C-22198 WILDE GARNER 14WC Upton County
7C-22199 WILDE GARNER 14WE Upton County
7C-22201 WILDE GARNER 14EF Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.