Pruitt Oil & Gas Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pruitt Oil & Gas
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P O BOX 368

Leases Operated by Pruitt Oil & Gas

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-01475 CONWAY, H. E. Clay County
09-01676 STAATS, J. M. Clay County
09-01838 LUTZ, J. E. Clay County
09-01844 LUTZ, J. E. Clay County
09-072693 TUCKER, J. M. Jack County
09-111361 LONG, O. W. Jack County
09-112112 COLEMAN-HEIRS Clay County
09-11532 BRADLEY, H. C. Montague County
09-118832 DEWEBER, L. A. Clay County
09-119518 JOHNSON, SAM Clay County
09-122248 SCOTT, W., HEIRS Jack County
09-14128 MENEFEE, JAMES A. Montague County
09-142165 FULLER, A. L. Clay County
09-145004 FLINN, J. L. Clay County
09-15135 SCOTT, W., HEIRS Jack County
09-158796 SILVER UNIT Montague County
09-16225 KIRK, H. Jack County
09-16247 KIRK, H. -A- Jack County
09-16496 SOUTHERLAN UNIT Clay County
09-173595 THOMAS, ELDRED Montague County
09-173596 THOMAS, ELDRED Montague County
09-18288 THOMAS, ELDRED Montague County
09-19311 HEARD, S. W. Montague County
09-19375 HATCHER, A. C. -A- Clay County
09-19381 LYLES, J. T. Clay County
09-19389 LUTZ, LEROY -A- Clay County
09-19453 MAYFIELD, IDA MAE Clay County
09-19498 SCOTT, BURAM Clay County
09-19509 RUBY Jack County
09-19670 PETERSON, R. H. Jack County
09-19784 WILLIAMS -F- Clay County
09-19832 SHEPHERD Clay County
09-19888 HEARD B-1, S. W. Montague County
09-19969 LUTZ, LEROY -B- Clay County
09-19985 CHAPPELL, L. O. Clay County
09-20087 WILLIAMS -G- Clay County
09-20159 LYLES, J. T. -A- Clay County
09-20169 FULLER Clay County
09-20295 MENEFEE, JAMES A -A- Montague County
09-20332 LYLES, J. T. Clay County
09-20341 SCOTT, BURAM -A- Clay County
09-20352 ZACHARY Montague County
09-20382 FLINN, J. L. Clay County
09-20405 LYLES, J. T. -B- Clay County
09-20432 RUBY Jack County
09-20571 CONWAY Clay County
09-20760 SANZENBACHER, ELSIE Clay County
09-21694 COLEMAN Clay County
09-21875 COTTON Montague County
09-21933 DUNAWAY-LIGON Montague County
09-21956 LUTZ "B" Clay County
09-22040 SEGLER Clay County
09-22229 FULGHAM, W. B. "A" Clay County
09-22323 DUNN, F. A. Clay County
09-22964 VIETH, F. Clay County
09-22983 SANDERS, D.H. Clay County
09-23044 LYLES, J. T. Clay County
09-230937 HODGES Clay County
09-23456 COLLIE Clay County
09-23566 ROLLINS Clay County
09-23756 AGEE Montague County
09-23814 WATSON HEIRS "C" Montague County
09-24081 CARMINATI "A" Montague County
09-24211 HODGES Clay County
09-24610 NOBILE Montague County
09-24627 KERR, L. LYLES Clay County
09-25233 LYLES, J. T. -D- Clay County
09-25471 AMOS & ANDY Clay County
09-25707 LYLES, J. T. Clay County
09-26135 RUMAGE, R. O. Clay County
09-26544 KIRK, H. Jack County
09-26602 SANZENBACHER, ELSIE "A" Clay County
09-26701 COLLIER Montague County
09-28794 GOAD Clay County
09-28950 LUCAS Clay County
09-29124 SILVER UNIT Montague County
09-29649 COLLIE Clay County
09-30428 SHEPHERD Clay County
7B-25752 MCANULTY Young County
8A-64693 MCCRARY, GILES Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pruitt Oil & Gas