Pyro Energy Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pyro Energy Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Pyro Energy Corp.
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1221 LAMAR ST STE 1020

Leases Operated by Pyro Energy Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-06943 BURCHARD, L.F. Gonzales County
01-06998 ILEY, B.W. Gonzales County
01-07482 BURCHARD, L.F. -A- Gonzales County
01-07521 BURCHARD, L.F. -C- Gonzales County
01-07522 BURCHARD, L.F. -D- Gonzales County
01-07692 BURCHARD, L.F. -B- Gonzales County
01-07831 VLASAK, J. Gonzales County
01-08412 VLASAK, J. Gonzales County
01-08547 HARRELL Gonzales County
01-08643 DECKER Gonzales County
01-09096 HARRELL Gonzales County
01-09304 LESTER, J.B. Gonzales County
01-09306 ILEY, B.W. Gonzales County
01-09344 LINDEMANN Gonzales County
01-094237 SCHIEBERLE, A. E. Gonzales County
02-05238 GRUETZMACHER, A. G. Goliad County
02-067276 NORRELL, C. L. Goliad County
02-081587 GRUETZMACHER Goliad County
02-085048 THOMAS, ANNE FRIAR Goliad County
03-17442 DUNCAN Colorado County
04-102880 MESTENA 5-J-2 Jim Hogg County
04-10488 ESCONDIDO Jim Hogg County
04-104991 MESTENA, C. '390' Jim Hogg County
08-20781 MCDANIEL, -21- Mitchell County
09-18130 BLACKMAN 2834 Montague County
09-25568 MAYFIELD Clay County
7C-058224 MAYER -20- Sutton County
7C-06451 BAKER 1160 Irion County
7C-06651 UNIVERSITY "3" Irion County
7C-06744 BAKER -1220- Irion County
7C-06764 BLANKS -72- Coke County
7C-08205 MCASHAN '55' Schleicher County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pyro Energy Corp.