Q Natural Resources, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Q Natural Resources, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Q Natural Resources, LLC
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3267 BEE CAVE RD STE 107-308
AUSTIN, TX 78746


Leases Operated by Q Natural Resources, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-00112 CONRY-DAVIS-GRAHAM UNIT Pecos County
08-01221 UNIVERSITY SEC. 8 Crane County
08-02531 SUN-WALTON Winkler County
08-04675 BLAIR, R. G. Ward County
08-05370 SCARBOROUGH, W. F. EST. -D- Winkler County
08-05371 SCARBOROUGH, W. F. EST. -F- Winkler County
08-05373 SCARBOROUGH, W. F. Winkler County
08-05375 SCARBOROUGH, W. F., ESTATE -O- Winkler County
08-07215 ARMSTRONG-GREEN Ward County
08-07218 GREEN Ward County
08-07226 WEISS -A- /EO/ Ward County
08-07232 OLCOTT, D. Ward County
08-07335 TREBOL Ward County
08-07345 HILL Ward County
08-08252 UNIVERSITY-AI Upton County
08-09485 NORCOP, A.W. Reeves County
08-09924 UNIVERSITY-AA Crane County
08-09927 UNIVERSITY- SUPERIOR Crane County
08-11761 SCARBOROUGH, W. F. A/C 6 Winkler County
08-12783 SCARBOROUGH, W. F., EST. -G- Winkler County
08-12850 SCARBOROUGH, W. F., ESTATE -E- Winkler County
08-12894 HENDRICK, IDA -C- Winkler County
08-14229 HARPER, F. D. Ward County
08-14670 RIO SIETE -B- Winkler County
08-15782 SCARBOROUGH -Q- Winkler County
08-194280 CAMPBELL TR. 4 Winkler County
08-197397 CAMPBELL TR. 4 Winkler County
08-197949 CAMPBELL TR. 4 Winkler County
08-197950 CAMPBELL TR. 1 Winkler County
08-19870 BARNSLEY, T. C. Crane County
08-198913 CAMPBELL TR. 1 Winkler County
08-206991 BARNSLEY, T.C. -B- Crane County
08-218512 CAMPBELL TR. 14 Winkler County
08-22313 S MONAHANS QUEEN U Ward County
08-225156 CAMPBELL TR. 13 Winkler County
08-25383 UNIVERSITY -35- "A" Winkler County
08-25917 DORR Ward County
08-27414 COWDEN -A- Winkler County
08-27845 TXL -BM- (NCT-B) Reeves County
08-279408 HANSON ESTATE Pecos County
08-28022 TXL BM (NCT-C) Reeves County
08-28363 TXL -BM- (NCT-A) Reeves County
08-28925 BYRD-WOOD UNIT Ward County
08-29343 SCARBOROUGH, W.F. Winkler County
08-29495 BIGBY Glasscock County
08-31250 WADDELL Winkler County
08-31724 HILL "A" Ward County
08-32059 BYRD-WOOD -A- Ward County
08-32379 SPENCER Ward County
08-32552 SMITH, D. DALE Reeves County
08-32554 COALE Reeves County
08-32618 COALE, A. H., JR. Reeves County
08-32726 SOUTH ORLA -B- Reeves County
08-32965 UNIVERSITY 19-8 Loving County
08-33089 BARBER, J. W. Crane County
08-33369 COWDEN -AA- Andrews County
08-33547 RIVERBED UNIT Crane County
08-34932 BAILEY A Loving County
08-35038 HOOPER Loving County
08-35462 SCARBOROUGH "C" Winkler County
08-36535 CORDONA UNIT Crane County
08-36636 SCARBOROUGH "B" Winkler County
08-37004 CAMPBELL TR. 4 Winkler County
08-37057 ALPS Crane County
08-37201 CAMPBELL TR. 12 Winkler County
08-37207 CAMPBELL, BETTY Winkler County
08-37428 SMITH, B.L. Pecos County
08-43019 UNIVERSITY 1-21 Andrews County
08-43031 UNIVERSITY 1-26 Andrews County
08-43264 UNIVERSITY A 1-4 Andrews County
08-43292 KATHERINE Ward County
08-43326 UNIVERSITY 'A' 1-20 Andrews County
08-49414 UNIVERSITY 1-27 Andrews County
08-49415 UNIVERSITY 1-25 Andrews County
7C-10947 WINDHAM Upton County
8A-16149 CREWS, CLARA Lynn County
8A-61274 PARKS "683" Garza County
8A-62268 PARKS "672" Borden County
8A-67735 STARK, MATTYE E. Gaines County
8A-67816 KKG 17 Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Q Natural Resources, LLC