Quail Well Service, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Quail Well Service, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Quail Well Service, Inc.
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P O BOX 2557


Leases Operated by Quail Well Service, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12726 ZAVALA Zavala County
09-220012 BURTON, KAY Comanche County
7B-00599 DYER, A. E. -A- Callahan County
7B-04467 MILES, CARL Taylor County
7B-04504 BIRD, T. J. Taylor County
7B-07761 RISTER, OSSIE Taylor County
7B-08161 HAMMOND, J. W., -A- Taylor County
7B-09103 BENNETT, R. R. Jones County
7B-09309 AKERS, GAYLE DYER Callahan County
7B-09640 ROCK, A. J. Taylor County
7B-09936 DYER, A. E. -A- Callahan County
7B-10168 SWENSON, L&C 115 Jones County
7B-11496 ACKERS, GAYLE DYER -B- Callahan County
7B-11794 SWENSON LAND AND CATTLE CO. -A- Stonewall County
7B-119967 RODE "E" Taylor County
7B-12079 V. G. O. UNIT Stonewall County
7B-12104 DYER, A. E. HEIRS Callahan County
7B-13074 DYER Callahan County
7B-13271 FLEMING, BERTIE MAE Taylor County
7B-13593 HEYSER, NAOMI Callahan County
7B-13827 FLAT TOP (147) Stonewall County
7B-14161 SWENSON LAND&CATTLE CO. Stonewall County
7B-14647 WILLIAMS Taylor County
7B-148786 WADDELL Palo Pinto County
7B-15489 SHANKS, JOSIE Jones County
7B-15654 BRIGHAM Stonewall County
7B-22693 J.R. RANCH Coleman County
7B-227131 GAYLE DYER AKERS Callahan County
7B-22794 FLAT TOP (143-B) Stonewall County
7B-23072 POLSTON Coleman County
7B-23137 FLAT TOP (165) Stonewall County
7B-236918 JEFFERIES Jones County
7B-242167 GAYLE DYER AKERS Callahan County
7B-24874 LOVING SOUTH Stephens County
7B-25362 CARTER MINERAL TRUST "A" Coke County
7B-259142 MCKELVAIN Stephens County
7B-259144 MCKELVAIN Stephens County
7B-26027 THORNTON, BERTIE TRUST Taylor County
7B-262782 BRANHAM BROS. Stephens County
7B-262783 LOVING SOUTH Stephens County
7B-26379 PIERCE, TOMMIE Nolan County
7B-265272 MCKELVAIN Stephens County
7B-26636 CHEATHAM HEIRS Taylor County
7B-267287 LOVING SOUTH Stephens County
7B-26876 ROBERTS, ALTON Taylor County
7B-26912 MUSICK, ALTON Jones County
7B-26953 ROBERTS, ALTON Taylor County
7B-269835 MCKELVAIN Stephens County
7B-270005 LOVING SOUTH Stephens County
7B-27066 ALLMAND Taylor County
7B-27152 CHEATHAM Taylor County
7B-27583 MITCHELL Jones County
7B-27836 BRIGADOON Fisher County
7B-29102 WRIGHT, JIMMY Fisher County
7B-29124 DYER Callahan County
7B-29149 DICKERSON, T. L. Fisher County
7B-29168 BALLENGER Fisher County
7B-29172 BUTLER Fisher County
7B-29440 AKERS, GAYLE DYER -Q- Callahan County
7B-29560 AKERS, GAYLE DYER Callahan County
7B-29613 GIBSON Stonewall County
7B-29639 AKERS, GAYLE DYER Callahan County
7B-29825 RODE "E" Taylor County
7B-29851 AKERS, GAYLE DYER Callahan County
7B-29870 HODGES Jones County
7B-30013 SNYDER Callahan County
7B-30024 SNYDER-189 Callahan County
7B-30147 SNYDER 211 Callahan County
7B-30172 MCWILLIAMS 207 Callahan County
7B-30178 MCWILLIAMS 207 Callahan County
7B-30315 SNYDER Callahan County
7B-30635 TERRY Fisher County
7B-31381 GRAY LINE GRAY SAND Taylor County
7B-31575 AKERS, GAYLE DYER Callahan County
7B-31827 OXO-WILLIAMS Nolan County
7C-04526 WINTERS /STRAWN/ UNIT Runnels County
7C-07347 MCCORD Runnels County
7C-07811 MCCORD, J.W. Runnels County
7C-08867 BAKER Runnels County
7C-09295 WILKINSON - MCCORD Runnels County

Drilling Permits Filed by Quail Well Service, Inc.