Ram Operating, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ram Operating, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Ram Operating, Inc.
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5100 E SKELLY DR STE 650
TULSA, OK 74135

Leases Operated by Ram Operating, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000500 COE, HAZEL WHITEHEAD Val Verde County
01-062055 CAUTHORN -11- Val Verde County
01-073987 ALTIZER, MINNIE LEE "B" Val Verde County
01-089368 CAUTHORN, ADAH -11- Val Verde County
01-150759 CAUTHORN -A- Val Verde County
01-157635 CAUTHORN -A- Val Verde County
01-158689 ALTIZER Val Verde County
01-159023 ALTIZER Val Verde County
01-159418 ALTIZER Val Verde County
01-160619 ALTIZER Val Verde County
01-161987 ADAH - CAUTHORN Val Verde County
01-162206 WARDLAW Val Verde County
01-165989 CAUTHORN -A- Val Verde County
01-167077 ALTIZER "B" Val Verde County
01-171090 ALTIZER "B" Val Verde County
01-173823 ALTIZER "B" Val Verde County
01-175208 ALTIZER "B" Val Verde County
02-146397 RAY, T. Live Oak County
08-08466 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE -F- Howard County
08-08802 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE -C- Howard County
08-08858 GUITAR TRUST ESTATE -D- Howard County
08-13728 CUMMINS, H. E., EST. Ector County
08-20782 MCDANIEL, -16- Mitchell County
08-22619 FASKEN -72- Midland County
08-22883 COWDEN "K" Winkler County
08-22937 BISHOP,MATTIE Howard County
08-24761 WINTERS,FERN "D" Howard County
08-27355 FASKEN, DAVID -BK- Ector County
08-27399 FASKEN, DAVID -BH- Ector County
08-27835 FASKEN, DAVID -BV- Ector County
08-28593 DICKENSON -D- Midland County
08-32867 MOURNING DOVE Howard County
08-33694 LESTER Howard County
08-34822 WINTERS Howard County
08-35336 WINTERS, F. Howard County
08-35718 WINTERS "BB" Howard County
09-22957 FERGUSON III, SEARCY M. TRUST Hardeman County
10-027299 HAAS Sherman County
10-027302 JACKSON, S. P. & K. K. Hansford County
10-027303 LASLEY, SAM Sherman County
10-027304 LASLEY, W. M. Sherman County
10-027306 PRICE, L. M. Sherman County
10-027307 SPURLOCK Sherman County
10-027308 SPURLOCK Sherman County
10-027309 STERL Sherman County
10-028193 TERRELL Sherman County
10-028194 WITT Sherman County
10-03266 MCGEE Lipscomb County
10-03388 GEORGE Lipscomb County
10-03460 JENKINS Lipscomb County
10-03732 BROWN - MEIER Lipscomb County
10-05847 MORRISON Roberts County
10-06273 R & B PEERY Bexar County
10-101506 TESSON Hemphill County
7C-031191 JONES -A- Schleicher County
7C-035820 JACKSON Schleicher County
7C-03713 UNIVERSITY -8- Reagan County
7C-039381 WEST UNIT Schleicher County
7C-039665 WHITTEN -A- Schleicher County
7C-04054 UNIVERSITY-LONGHORN 20 Upton County
7C-042578 JONES B Schleicher County
7C-04324 UNIVERSITY WHITE 6 Reagan County
7C-04336 UNIVERSITY WHITE 6-B Upton County
7C-046152 WILLIAMS ESTATE Schleicher County
7C-05629 UNIVERSITY 31 Reagan County
7C-074478 WHITTEN "A" Schleicher County
7C-077519 WHITTEN "B" Schleicher County
7C-088813 JONES "A" Schleicher County
7C-090825 JONES B Schleicher County
7C-14050 HOLT-R- Reagan County
7C-144085 WEST UNIT Schleicher County
7C-168408 JACKSON Schleicher County
7C-227559 CHILDRESS RANCH Crockett County
7C-227560 ACTON RANCH Crockett County
8A-03894 NORTH-WRIGHT Cochran County
8A-12396 SLAUGHTER Borden County
8A-18782 PIKE Yoakum County
8A-60752 TRI-RUE /REEF/ UNIT Scurry County
8A-60857 MILLER Gaines County
8A-64990 SLAUGHTER Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ram Operating, Inc.