Red Line Company, LTD. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Red Line Company, LTD.
Map of Wells Operated by Red Line Company, LTD.
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PO BOX 960
PAMPA, TX 79066


Leases Operated by Red Line Company, LTD.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-00033 BLOCK, B. F. Carson County
10-00075 BYRUM, B. F. A. -A- Carson County
10-00078 WARE, R. C. Carson County
10-00080 BLOCK, B. F. Carson County
10-00085 NOEL, J. L. Carson County
10-00090 VIDA Carson County
10-00092 LEWIS Carson County
10-00111 WARE Carson County
10-00119 JORD Carson County
10-00120 JORDAN, D. Carson County
10-00125 LONG Carson County
10-00137 MCCONNELL, GIRTHA Carson County
10-00273 BYRUM, B. F. A. -B- Gray County
10-00275 FRASHIER, O. N. Gray County
10-00278 MCCONNELL, L. C. Gray County
10-00322 SAILOR, MARTHA Gray County
10-00326 BOWERS, J. B. Gray County
10-00327 LOVETT Gray County
10-00383 ARCHER, W. C. Gray County
10-00522 DEROSA-SAUNDERS Gray County
10-00542 REYNOLDS, E. E. Gray County
10-00558 WEBB -A- BATTERY #1 Gray County
10-00567 VANIMAN, F. A. Gray County
10-00600 LOVETT, FANNIE -A- Gray County
10-00601 LOVETT, FANNIE -B- Gray County
10-00692 MOORE, J. W., -A- Hutchinson County
10-00747 MOORE, J. W. ESTATE -C- Hutchinson County
10-00748 MOORE, J. W. ESTATE -D- Hutchinson County
10-00802 MOORE, J. W. Hutchinson County
10-01047 HUTCH-D. JORDAN Hutchinson County
10-01054 LONE STAR Hutchinson County
10-01076 TIMMS Hutchinson County
10-01100 WARE Carson County
10-01120 LONE STAR Hutchinson County
10-01593 WEBB -A- BATTERY #4 Gray County
10-01718 WEBB -A- BATTERY #5 Gray County
10-024287 BURNETT Carson County
10-024289 BURNETT Carson County
10-024290 BURNETT Carson County
10-02469 HILL Carson County
10-025315 SANFORD Hutchinson County
10-025692 BRYAN Carson County
10-025694 JORDAN Carson County
10-025709 VIDA Carson County
10-025721 MCCONNELL, J. C. Carson County
10-025731 MCCONNELL Carson County
10-025732 MCCONNELL Carson County
10-025757 SCHAFFER Carson County
10-025842 CHAPMAN Gray County
10-025843 MORSE, J. Gray County
10-026440 REYNOLDS, E. E. Gray County
10-026441 WEBB Gray County
10-026487 COLEBANK Gray County
10-026488 COLEBANK Gray County
10-02844 OSBORNE Gray County
10-03046 HOLMES -WF- Gray County
10-03355 SAILOR Carson County
10-04444 SAMUEL Hutchinson County
10-04464 BURNETT Carson County
10-04664 SAMUEL "B" Carson County
10-04700 SAMUEL "A" Carson County
10-04746 BURNETT -RA- Hutchinson County
10-05258 WEST BURNETT "RA" Hutchinson County
10-06029 JEFFREY Gray County
10-06032 WILLIAM "C" Hutchinson County
10-09722 WONDER WOMAN Ochiltree County
10-129794 TEX-ELLER Carson County
10-131738 VANIMAN, F. A. Gray County
10-140818 MCCONNELL Carson County
10-141763 LEOPOLD, M. B. Gray County
10-141860 SAILOR Carson County
10-142275 ROSA Carson County
10-179454 SCHAFER RANCH Carson County
10-182073 ROSA Carson County
10-182444 MCCONNELL Carson County
10-185202 RANCH -E- & TS -D- Hutchinson County
10-185548 SCHAFER RANCH Carson County
10-197554 JORDAN, D. Carson County
10-210608 MCCONNELL, J. C. Carson County
10-288012 COBB 'A' Carson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Red Line Company, LTD.