Reichmann Petroleum Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Reichmann Petroleum Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Reichmann Petroleum Corp.
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Leases Operated by Reichmann Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-112158 LOUIS WOLF Matagorda County
03-153637 HOLLYFIELD UNIT Hardin County
03-189798 DENVER-MINNS NCT BLOCK 3 Waller County
03-192886 WOLF HEIRS Matagorda County
03-19350 D J UNIT B Hardin County
03-19428 D J UNIT A Hardin County
03-19446 ARCO FEE Hardin County
03-19513 D J UNIT C Hardin County
03-22085 DOTY-JACKSON Hardin County
03-22978 WOLF, LOUIS Matagorda County
03-23866 MINNS Waller County
03-24311 MICHELLE Waller County
03-24382 WOLF Matagorda County
03-24415 MINNS Waller County
03-24457 MINNS Waller County
03-24485 WOLF Matagorda County
04-12485 COWELS Nueces County
04-12516 COWELS Nueces County
04-12705 BAKER, KATHERINE K. San Patricio County
04-12756 BAKER, KATHERINE K. San Patricio County
04-178369 ARMSTRONG Kenedy County
04-201226 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-201324 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-201429 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-210368 PEAL, J B Duval County
04-210373 RESENDEZ Zapata County
04-211514 FROST BANK Duval County
04-211541 LA DUQUESA Zapata County
04-211542 GONZALEZ WEST Duval County
04-212586 FROST BANK Duval County
04-215461 GARZA, FERNANDO Zapata County
04-215463 SAENZ Webb County
04-215740 MARTINEZ Zapata County
04-215741 MARTINEZ Zapata County
04-216039 MARTINEZ Zapata County
04-219648 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-221232 J.M. CUELLAR NE Zapata County
04-221497 FROST BANK Duval County
04-221729 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-222704 FROST BANK Duval County
04-222726 RESENDEZ Zapata County
04-222842 FROST BANK Duval County
04-223235 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-227246 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-229021 URIBE Zapata County
04-229026 GARZA, FERNANDO Zapata County
04-230615 RESENDEZ Zapata County
04-255060 HINOJOSA Zapata County
09-190519 MORRISON Hood County
09-190520 DOVE, WALLACE Hood County
09-190521 CARAWAY Hood County
09-190530 COLEMAN, JAMES Hood County
09-196386 DOVE, WALLACE Hood County
09-198915 DUVALLE Erath County
09-213271 CARAWAY UNIT Hood County
09-213505 ROSS Johnson County
09-214781 COOK, PAULINE Wise County
09-223995 TRITT Denton County
09-235558 PARKER-BETZEL UNIT Johnson County
09-235559 PIPES Hill County
09-236983 ARNOLD-BRYSON Parker County
09-236986 GREENE-HARWELL Parker County
09-236988 HANNIBAL Parker County
09-236989 POOLVILLE-BRADLEY Parker County
09-236990 POOLVILLE-BRADLEY Parker County
09-236992 CARDWELL Parker County
09-236993 ROSE-SCALING Parker County
09-236994 GOEN-HOLMAN Parker County
09-237788 PANNELL Johnson County
09-238582 WILSON HANCOCK "C" Johnson County
09-241355 ARGYLE Denton County
09-253092 TRITT-WEAVER UNIT Denton County
09-253644 H&D Johnson County
09-30323 WILSON, R P Erath County
7B-11189 SEARS Nolan County
7B-165720 CARR-GORDON Erath County
7B-194215 DUVALLE Erath County
7B-23944 SEARS-STREATER Nolan County
7C-15295 NELSON, CRAFT McCulloch County
7C-15493 TONNE Tom Green County

Drilling Permits Filed by Reichmann Petroleum Corp.