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Leases Operated by Repsol Oil & Gas USA, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15776 POWERS McMullen County
01-15836 AERY McMullen County
01-15838 BRACKEN McMullen County
01-16323 REED La Salle County
01-16551 LARK RANCH Live Oak County
01-18648 POWERS G UNIT McMullen County
01-19979 POWERS E UNIT McMullen County
01-20289 CLARK UNIT Gonzales County
01-20672 SHAW-KLATTENHOFF B La Salle County
01-20769 SHAW-KLATTENHOFF C La Salle County
01-20909 POWERS-WESLEY SWAIM (SA) E4 McMullen County
01-20910 POWERS-WESLEY SWAIM (SA) E5 McMullen County
01-20973 POWERS-WESLEY SWAIM (SA) E3 McMullen County
01-21047 POWERS-GREEN SWAIM (SA) F6 McMullen County
01-21075 POWERS-GREEN SWAIM (SA) F5 McMullen County
01-21096 POWERS-GREEN SWAIM (SA) F8 McMullen County
01-288817 COOKE RANCH La Salle County
01-288818 COOKE RANCH La Salle County
01-294711 CARTWRIGHT La Salle County
01-294786 CARTWRIGHT La Salle County
01-294961 CARTWRIGHT La Salle County
01-294992 CARTWRIGHT La Salle County
01-296064 STS F-BPX B (SA) F4 La Salle County
01-296106 STS F-BPX B (SA) F1 La Salle County
01-296107 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE La Salle County
01-296115 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE La Salle County
01-296145 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE La Salle County
02-10384 RED CREST TRUST UNIT Karnes County
02-11611 MZYK NORTH UNIT Karnes County
02-11689 WIATREK UNIT Karnes County
02-11690 CONCORD NORTH Karnes County
02-11691 WIATREK UNIT Karnes County
02-11692 YOUNG GAS UNIT 1 Karnes County
02-11741 ORTON UNIT Karnes County
02-11789 ORTON UNIT Karnes County
02-12045 ECKERT UNIT Karnes County
02-12057 IVEY UNIT Karnes County
02-12150 CONCORD SOUTH J Karnes County
02-12494 LAMZA UNIT C Karnes County
02-12499 LAMZA UNIT H Karnes County
02-12507 LAMZA UNIT B Karnes County
02-272516 BLACKWELL GAS UNIT 2 DeWitt County
02-285817 WESS 4-SLAUGHTER-RT (SA) C4 Karnes County
02-288376 ALEXANDER-WESSENDORFF 2 (SA) A1 Karnes County
02-288513 SEILER-GANO (SA) B5 DeWitt County
02-288562 SEILER GAS UNIT 1 DeWitt County
02-288659 ESCONDIDO CREEK-WESS 3 (SA) B7 Karnes County
02-288717 SEILER-GANO (SA) B2 DeWitt County
02-288742 SEILER-GANO (SA) B1 DeWitt County
02-288743 SEILER-GANO (SA) B3 DeWitt County
02-288744 SEILER-GANO (SA) B4 DeWitt County
02-288745 ROYAL UNIT A DeWitt County
02-288746 ROYAL UNIT A DeWitt County
02-288747 ROYAL UNIT A DeWitt County
02-294172 WESS 6-WESS 1 ECRR (SA) D3 Karnes County
02-294221 WESS 4-WESS 6-WESS 1 ECRR (SA)D4 Karnes County
02-294226 WESS 4-SLAUGHTER-RT (SA) C2 Karnes County
02-294238 WESSENDORFF GU 4-ECRR (SA) D6 Karnes County
02-294600 WESSENDORFF GU 4-ECRR (SA) D5 Karnes County
02-294866 KEACH-HALEPESKA (SA) D3 DeWitt County
02-294867 KEACH-HALEPESKA (SA) D5 DeWitt County
02-295318 ROYAL UNIT B-SMITH (SA) D2 DeWitt County
02-295354 ROYAL B-HALEPESKA-SMITH (SA) D5 DeWitt County
02-295481 ROYAL UNIT B-SMITH (SA) D4 DeWitt County
02-295491 BEGOT-GUS TIPS-KUHNE (SA) F2 Karnes County
02-295516 WESS 5-7-3 (SA) D1 Karnes County
02-295524 WESS 5-7-3 (SA) D2 Karnes County
02-295533 ROYAL B-HALEPESKA-SMITH (SA) D1 DeWitt County
02-295540 WESS 5-7-3 (SA) D3 Karnes County
02-295541 WESSENDORFF 5-7-2 (SA) D4 Karnes County
02-295564 BLACKWELL-EYHORN-RUPPERT (SA) F1 Karnes County
02-295684 ROYAL UNIT B-SMITH (SA) D3 DeWitt County
02-295757 BLACKWELL-E-R-E (SA) F3 Karnes County
02-295758 BLACKWELL-E-R-E (SA) F4 Karnes County
02-295759 BLACKWELL-E-R-E (SA) F5 Karnes County
02-295938 BLACKWELL-EYHORN-RUPPERT (SA) F2 Karnes County
02-296190 WESS 4-SLGTR-ECRR (SA) D7 Karnes County
02-296198 ROYAL UNIT B-SMITH (SA) D6 DeWitt County
02-296200 KEACH-HALEPESKA (SA) D1 DeWitt County
02-296201 KEACH-HALEPESKA (SA) D2 DeWitt County

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