Richey & Company, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Richey & Company, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Richey & Company, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Richey & Company, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-123068 URQUHART Harrison County
09-029208 RUTHERFORD, B. M., ET AL Wise County
09-086560 CATES, J. C. Wise County
09-092781 COOK, O.T. Wise County
09-092782 PITTS, CHARLES Wise County
09-094992 DECATUR ET AL Wise County
09-099454 STEPHENS, COY Wise County
09-099770 NELSON, N.S. ET AL Wise County
09-099778 HILTON, H.G. Wise County
09-099782 KIETH, LETHA Jack County
09-104633 DICKENSON Jack County
09-105531 FURR Jack County
09-18882 GREEN, G. Wise County
09-18938 SMITH, J. E. Wise County
09-19184 MCCLUNG, B. W. Wise County
09-19327 ALVORD - STUART UNIT Wise County
09-19678 MCMURRAY, C. Wise County
09-19772 GAGE, W. B. Wise County
09-20036 BRUTON, S. Wise County
09-20041 SMITH, JOHNNIE Wise County
09-20447 NELSON, N. S. ET AL Wise County
09-20513 COLLINS "A" #1 Wise County
09-20519 WHITAKER, E. B. Jack County
09-20567 YALE, D. Wise County
09-20804 JONES, E. C. Wise County
09-20968 GLEASON ETAL UNIT Jack County
09-21009 KERR, L.R. Wise County
09-21071 WESTERN, J. T. Wise County
09-21279 KIETH, LETHA Jack County
09-21280 T.C. ROBBINS Jack County
09-21459 EMMIT WOOD Jack County
09-21705 HILTON, H. G. Wise County
09-22029 BAILEY, PAT Wise County
09-22428 PORTWOOD ET AL Wise County
09-22575 MCKAY-KROEKER Wise County
09-22681 HOPKINS, R. V. Wise County
09-23698 MANNING Wise County
7B-102507 LAMKIN, C.C. B Parker County
7B-105620 WEBB Parker County
7B-107832 SCHNEIDER, W.C. Eastland County
7B-114427 LAWRENCE, L. M. Eastland County
7B-115656 BOND, J. Eastland County
7B-116915 WRIGHT, W. B. Eastland County
7B-119279 BARTON, J.I. "A" Eastland County
7B-120503 JONES, ORA B. Eastland County
7B-121013 JONES, ORA B. Eastland County
7B-121071 JONES, ORA B. Eastland County
7B-121635 JONES,ORA B. Eastland County
7B-15003 HANCOCK Eastland County
7B-15594 MASSENGALE, JUANITA B Eastland County
7B-19411 RUSH, R. L. Eastland County
7B-19712 J. B. GREER Eastland County
7B-19715 J. M. OSBORN Eastland County
7B-19817 M. WALKER Eastland County
7B-20104 BARTON, J.I. Eastland County
7B-20111 B. HARRISON "B" Eastland County
7B-20156 HARRISON, B. "E" Eastland County
7B-20165 B. HARRISON C Eastland County
7B-20421 KINCAID Eastland County
7B-20512 HART-WARREN UNIT Callahan County
7B-20551 BARTON, J. I. "A" Eastland County
7B-20841 M. E. FISHER Eastland County
7B-20879 TEXFEL-MILLER Eastland County
7B-21003 TEXFEL-WEST Eastland County
7B-21615 NORTON, C. U. Eastland County
7B-21706 WOOD Eastland County
7B-21792 FOXBRANCH E. Eastland County
7B-22038 DURHAM-NORTH Eastland County
7B-22043 GRAY, J.D. ESTATE "A" Eastland County
7B-22099 GRAY, J.D. ESTATE Eastland County
7B-22524 LAWRENCE, L.M. Eastland County
7B-22640 HARRELL, M. "C" Eastland County
7B-22692 JONES, ORA B Eastland County
7B-22802 SNOW-LIVINGSTONE Eastland County
7B-22907 GROVE, W.H. "A" Eastland County
7B-22930 KIPP-BROOKINGS Eastland County
7B-22941 GRAY, J.D. ESTATE "B" Eastland County
7B-23174 JONES, ORA B. Eastland County
7B-23447 SNOW-CLARK Eastland County
7C-09294 MIKESKA "A" Runnels County

Drilling Permits Filed by Richey & Company, Inc.