Richman Petroleum Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Richman Petroleum Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Richman Petroleum Corp.
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Leases Operated by Richman Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-02500 DOTY & JACKSON Hardin County
03-02505 DOTY-JACKSON -A- Hardin County
03-04540 DOTY-JACKSON -C- Hardin County
03-112158 LOUIS WOLF Matagorda County
03-153637 HOLLYFIELD UNIT Hardin County
03-157017 WOLF, LOUIS Matagorda County
03-178914 JULIE Waller County
03-179226 JULIE "A" Waller County
03-179468 MINNS Waller County
03-182078 WOLF Matagorda County
03-183693 MINNS Waller County
03-189798 DENVER-MINNS NCT BLOCK 3 Waller County
03-192886 WOLF HEIRS Matagorda County
03-19350 D J UNIT B Hardin County
03-19428 D J UNIT A Hardin County
03-19446 ARCO FEE Hardin County
03-19513 D J UNIT C Hardin County
04-158362 BAKER, KATHERINE K. San Patricio County
04-165375 BAKER, KATHERINE K. San Patricio County
04-168637 REDDEN Nueces County
04-178369 ARMSTRONG Kenedy County
04-181794 ARMSTRONG Kenedy County
04-201226 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-201324 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-201429 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-202605 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-203152 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-204225 PEAL RANCH Duval County
04-204320 PETERS RANCH Duval County
04-207097 PETERS RANCH Duval County
06-11908 POLLEY, O. H. Shelby County
06-14082 TRINIDAD - BRIDGES Shelby County
06-14268 KRAEMER Shelby County
06-14273 KRAEMER Shelby County
08-27056 FRYAR, CLAUD Howard County
08-27973 WALKER, J. E. ESTATE Howard County
08-27974 WEAVER, MARCELLOUS Howard County
08-27975 WEAVER, MARCELLOUS -A- Howard County
08-28242 FRAZIER, NELL ESTATE -C- Howard County
08-28244 WOOD, DONALD -A- Howard County
08-28245 FRANKLIN, ARTHUR -A- Howard County
08-28246 TUBB, HORACE -A- Howard County
08-28249 GUITAR, EARL JR. -A- Howard County
08-28250 GUITAR, EARL JR. -C- Howard County
08-28294 GUITAR, EARL JR. -D- Howard County
08-28295 GUITAR, EARL JR. -F- Howard County
08-28311 GUITAR, EARL JR. -B- Howard County
08-28412 GUITAR, EARL JR. -E- Howard County
08-28706 WOOD, DONALD -B- Howard County
08-29132 HOMAN, J.H. MRS. -A- Howard County
08-29138 HOMAN, J.H. MRS. -B- Howard County
08-29173 STALLINGS, LUAN -B- Howard County
08-29197 WALDRON Howard County
08-29245 WILKINSON-FIERER Howard County
09-190520 DOVE, WALLACE Hood County
09-190521 CARAWAY Hood County
09-190530 COLEMAN, JAMES Hood County
09-196386 DOVE, WALLACE Hood County
09-198915 DUVALLE Erath County
09-238582 WILSON HANCOCK "C" Johnson County
09-30323 WILSON, R P Erath County
7B-04658 HARRIS, R. E. Taylor County
7B-04666 MCCOY, HOLLIS -B- Taylor County
7B-11189 SEARS Nolan County
7B-11211 SEARS Nolan County
7B-14861 CARPENTER, J.F. Callahan County
7B-165720 CARR-GORDON Erath County
7B-17230 RAUSCH Callahan County
7B-194215 DUVALLE Erath County
7B-19433 ALLYN, MARY ELIZABETH Taylor County
7B-24425 VANCE "A" Callahan County
7B-24521 HUTCHINS Callahan County
7B-26533 ENLOW Callahan County
7B-26859 MCCOY, HOLLIS -B- Taylor County
7B-27002 CLEMENTS Callahan County
7B-27205 MCWHORTER A Callahan County
7B-27348 MCWHORTER Callahan County
7C-15295 NELSON, CRAFT McCulloch County
7C-15493 TONNE Tom Green County
7C-186684 TURNER Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Richman Petroleum Corp.