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Wells Operated By Riley Exploration, LLC
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Leases Operated by Riley Exploration, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04594 BAGGETT Dimmit County
01-12585 SMITH, JOEY La Salle County
01-12835 GEORGE, BURTON O. JR. Dimmit County
01-12870 STANDIFER-STONE, M.L. Dimmit County
01-14400 GEORGE, BURTON O. Dimmit County
01-14720 BELLOWS La Salle County
01-14944 KINNARD Dimmit County
01-15179 MAALI Gonzales County
01-15216 KOENNING UNIT Gonzales County
01-15382 PERKINS Gonzales County
01-15394 KOENNING UNIT Gonzales County
01-15395 MAALI Gonzales County
01-15427 PERKINS Gonzales County
01-15450 OTTO Gonzales County
01-15458 MARTINDALE La Salle County
01-15482 BYRD RANCH Zavala County
01-15483 JOEY SMITH La Salle County
01-15486 BAGGETT, JOHN B Dimmit County
01-15487 MOY Wilson County
01-15494 S. DUDERSTADT Gonzales County
01-15495 PETER La Salle County
01-15496 COX La Salle County
01-15505 FLORES La Salle County
01-15810 SMITH, JOEY
01-15814 GONZALES La Salle County
01-16084 GOLDEN Gonzales County
01-16196 KERR La Salle County
01-16423 INTERCOASTAL FARMS UNIT Dimmit County
01-173827 INTERCOASTAL FARMS UNIT Dimmit County
01-241829 MARTINDALE La Salle County
01-249639 BELLOWS La Salle County
02-06756 SHAW, JOHN B. Bee County
02-06765 SHAW, JOHN B. Bee County
02-07058 SUTHERLAND Bee County
02-09472 CHRISTINE Karnes County
02-09614 CHRISTINE Karnes County
02-09615 OTTO Gonzales County
02-09618 BEDNORZ Karnes County
02-09621 D & S DeWitt County
02-09630 D & S DeWitt County
02-09631 BEDNORZ Karnes County
02-09653 JOEY SMITH La Salle County
02-09654 PETERSON Karnes County
02-09660 PETERSON Karnes County
02-09663 MARGARET Karnes County
02-09665 BENCH LAKE FARMS UNIT 1 Karnes County
02-09667 BERRY Karnes County
02-09668 MARY Karnes County
02-10025 MANKA UNIT 1 Karnes County
02-10026 MARGARET UNIT 3 Karnes County
02-10032 MANKA UNIT 2 Karnes County
02-10276 MAYER C Karnes County
02-10404 SPENDLOVE UNIT Karnes County
02-10488 BANDUCH Karnes County
02-10522 BENCH LAKE FARMS UNIT 2 Karnes County
02-10540 TOMMY MOCZYGEMBA Karnes County
02-121232 RAY, GEORGE A. Bee County
02-131576 RAY, GEORGE A. Bee County
02-193776 CLAUSEN DeWitt County
02-200810 CLAUSEN DeWitt County
02-208107 HAMMAN-ANDERSON Goliad County
02-209669 ROVONNA DeWitt County
03-11950 DROEMER ET AL, TOWNSITE Lee County
03-141931 S.J.R.A. UNIT Harris County
03-164521 JAMES/FIELDER UNIT Harris County
03-19392 COOK, BRADEN Bastrop County
03-20793 COOK, BRADEN "A" Lee County
03-20807 COOK, BRADEN "B" Lee County
03-20963 COOK, BRADEN "C" Lee County
03-21273 BREWER UNIT NO. 1V Harris County
03-21333 HOLMES-ELLIOTT UNIT Harris County
03-21461 DAVIS OIL UNIT Harris County
03-22097 WILLITS Harris County
03-24137 MONUMENT HILL STATE PARK Fayette County
03-25435 BREWER Harris County
03-26298 TRAPPER UNIT 13A Lee County
04-148978 DYCAS, LOUNA San Patricio County
05-02664 MITCHELL, JUDGE Falls County
05-03068 SULLIVAN, GORDON B. Leon County
06-248237 MINA Cherokee County

Drilling Permits Filed by Riley Exploration, LLC