Robbins Petroleum Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Robbins Petroleum Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Robbins Petroleum Corp.
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P O BOX 2347

Leases Operated by Robbins Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-073846 WATERS Limestone County
06-01231 HESTER, JOHN P. Wood County
06-01239 WAGONER, D. V., ETAL Wood County
06-01250 OLDS, SALLY LUCY Wood County
06-01269 HYDE, OLA Wood County
06-015953 GRIFFIN, L. P. Gregg County
06-015960 KINNEY, J. C. Gregg County
06-015961 PRUITT, ISAAC Gregg County
06-015965 GRIFFIN, L. P. Gregg County
06-015971 MEADOWS, MATTIE MRS. Gregg County
06-015977 LONE STAR PRODUCTION Rusk County
06-015987 GRIFFIN, L. P. Gregg County
06-015988 LONE STAR PRODUCTION CO. Rusk County
06-015989 PRUITT, ISAAC Gregg County
06-016102 CHRISTIAN, C. O., EST. Rusk County
06-016103 CHRISTIAN UNIT 2 Rusk County
06-016104 SPEAR, A. B. Rusk County
06-016488 CLARK, M. B. Rusk County
06-016489 GARY, E. C. Rusk County
06-016491 COCHRAN, CHARLES Y. Rusk County
06-02907 PINCHAM, S. N. Rusk County
06-032049 DUNCAN, JIM ET AL Rusk County
06-03236 MEADOWS, MATTIE, MRS. Gregg County
06-033076 GRIFFIN RANCH GU #3 Gregg County
06-03347 LONE STAR Rusk County
06-033626 LEE, C. W. GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-037362 EATON, J. L. Rusk County
06-03925 KINNEY, J. C. Gregg County
06-04062 LEE, GERTRUDE DUDLEY Gregg County
06-04089 MEADOWS, MATTIE, MRS., OIL UNIT Gregg County
06-040972 EATON, J. L., GAS UNIT #2 Rusk County
06-04353 GRIFFIN RANCH OU A Gregg County
06-04442 ROZIER, K. M. Gregg County
06-04647 SANDERS, CARRIE H. Rusk County
06-04711 TALIAFERRO, Z. K. Rusk County
06-04994 E.L. BAKER
06-05096 COCHRAN, C. Y. Rusk County
06-05717 STAGNER,MINSHEW Wood County
06-10278 BENNIE, G. W. Wood County
06-110393 GRAYBILL Gregg County
06-11075 MOORE Wood County
06-115526 GRAYBILL Gregg County
06-11636 GRIFFIN Gregg County
06-11777 KEPLEY Wood County
06-11845 COCHRAN Rusk County
06-121170 CRAZY BESS Gregg County
06-121173 CRAZY BESS Gregg County
06-12158 EATON, J. L. Rusk County
06-12176 FLANAGAN Gregg County
06-121909 GRIFFIN Gregg County
06-121910 GRIFFIN Gregg County
06-122232 WEST GRIFFIN GAS UNIT 1 Gregg County
06-122281 GRIFFIN RANCH GU #2 Gregg County
06-123485 FLANAGAN Gregg County
06-125695 EATON, J.L. Rusk County
06-126411 EATON, J.L. Rusk County
06-126650 EATON, J.L. Rusk County
06-12760 LONE STAR PRODUCTION CO. Rusk County
06-127845 EATON, J.L. Rusk County
06-128174 FLANAGAN Gregg County
06-12838 FLANAGAN Gregg County
06-12981 FLANAGAN #6 Gregg County
06-13013 FLANAGAN -A- Gregg County
06-13050 KELLY, J. C. Wood County
06-134003 WEST GRIFFIN GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-144659 GRIFFIN RANCH GU #1 Gregg County
06-148126 FLANAGAN Gregg County
7C-080562 MEEK RANCH Sutton County
7C-084344 RODE Sutton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Robbins Petroleum Corp.