Royale Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Royale Operating Company
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Leases Operated by Royale Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-09008 THORNBERRY -B- Andrews County
08-09227 THORNBERRY "E" Andrews County
08-09277 CORRIGAN Andrews County
08-09527 YEAGER & ARMSTRONG Andrews County
08-09807 FLEMING 1,2,3 Andrews County
08-10127 SUGGETT Andrews County
08-10432 ASHTON-NWS Andrews County
08-10548 BROWN Andrews County
08-11552 MCELREATH Andrews County
08-11566 THORNBERRY -D- Andrews County
08-11580 FLEMING -A- Andrews County
08-27603 NORA Andrews County
08-27840 SUN Andrews County
08-28657 THORNBERRY -F- Andrews County
08-29361 THORNBERRY "J" Andrews County
08-29406 CITIES Andrews County
08-29793 THORNBERRY -K- Andrews County
08-30154 THORNBERRY -L- Andrews County
7B-040754 GREEN, JAKE Hood County
7B-043347 GREEN, JAKE Hood County
7B-055888 KAUFFMANN, ADOLPH Hood County
7B-065175 KEY, S. E. Hood County
7B-065177 GREEN, NELL Hood County
7B-067159 ALDENHOVEN Hood County
7B-072680 KEY, T. H. ET AL -A- Hood County
7B-075169 ALDENHOVEN Hood County
7B-075170 ALDENHOVEN Hood County
7B-075745 WESCO, JAKE GREEN Hood County
7B-075769 WESCO, JAKE GREEN Hood County
7B-078250 KEY Hood County
7B-078268 STEWART-HOOD Hood County
7B-078269 STEWART-HOOD Hood County
7B-107302 WESCO, GREEN -A- Hood County
7B-126774 S.H. ATOR UNIT Hood County
7B-131187 GREEN, JAKE Hood County
7B-131188 GREEN, JAKE Hood County
7B-131189 STEWART, LOLA Hood County
7B-133858 STEWART-HOOD Hood County
7B-136378 GREEN, NELL Hood County
7B-139191 ALDENHOVEN, CARL Hood County
7B-139506 BRUNER Hood County
7B-139507 BRUNER Hood County
7B-140103 ALDENHOVEN, CARL -A- Hood County
7B-141356 KAUFFMANN, ADOLPH Hood County
7B-142551 KAUFFMANN, ADOLPH Hood County
7B-14292 GREEN Hood County
7B-145295 KAUFFMANN, ADOLPH Hood County

Drilling Permits Filed by Royale Operating Company