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Wells Operated By Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation
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Leases Operated by Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-282970 MCBRIDE GAS UNIT NO. 1 Leon County
06-260018 YOUNG GRACE GU Panola County
06-265880 REDWINE Rusk County
06-275721 MOSELEY GU Harrison County
06-284324 DUNAWAY-FURRH (AW) Panola County
06-284888 BLAND-GARRETT (AW) Harrison County
06-285066 CENTENNIAL GU Panola County
06-285181 MAVERICK GU Panola County
06-285223 DOLLAR-FINIS ROGERS (AW) Rusk County
06-285231 MAVERICK GU Panola County
06-285415 RHOADES-ROSBOROUGH (AW) Harrison County
06-285758 VIPER 3-ALFORD JB (AW) Rusk County
06-285928 VIPER 1-ALFORD JB (AW) Rusk County
06-286031 GRAY-WEBB (AW) Rusk County
06-286126 JESTER GAS UNIT Panola County
06-286145 JESTER GAS UNIT Panola County
06-286448 STRONG-LOWRY DEEP (AW) Harrison County
06-286855 STRONG-LOWRY (AW) Harrison County
06-286963 HALL-JOLIN (AW) Harrison County
06-287811 HILL LC-LANDERS (AW) Upshur County
06-287813 KANGERGA 1-RIVES (AW) Rusk County
06-287814 HILL LC-GILMER S (AW) Upshur County
06-287834 HUDSON GO Panola County
06-287835 HUDSON GO Panola County
06-287836 LEFOY-LEWIN (AW) Panola County
06-287837 LEFOY-LEWIN (AW) Panola County
06-287876 HUDSON GO Panola County
06-288118 KANGERGA 1-ALFORD RO (AW) Rusk County
06-288851 FURRH GR-FURRH WK (AW) Harrison County
06-288891 FURRH GR-FURRH WK (AW) Harrison County
06-288894 FURRH GR-FURRH WK (AW) Harrison County
06-289280 TOLEDO BEND GAS UNIT Panola County
06-289454 VIPER 2-SEARS DEEP (AW) Rusk County
06-289466 VIPER 2-SEARS DEEP (AW) Rusk County
06-289467 LAKE ALEXANDER (AW) Panola County
06-289471 MAVERICK GU Panola County
06-289472 VIPER 2-JONES W (AW) Rusk County
06-289480 VIPER 2-JONES W (AW) Rusk County
06-289790 COLDA FARMS GU Harrison County
06-289896 GAMMEL-RAS (AW) Rusk County
06-289898 GAMMEL-NICHOLS (AW) Rusk County
06-289935 LAWLESS GU Harrison County
06-290162 FURRH-ELUM-HARPER (AW) Harrison County
06-290173 BYRON-BENTON (AW) Rusk County
06-290174 BYRON-BENTON (AW) Rusk County
06-290191 LAKE FURRH (AW) Panola County
06-290198 FURRH-FINDLEY-HARPER (AW) Harrison County
06-290199 CADDO LAKE (AW) Panola County
06-290310 CENTENNIAL GU Panola County
06-290354 WIENER WB-BOUNDS (AW) Panola County
06-290355 WIENER WB-BOUNDS (AW) Panola County
06-290579 HUDSON GO Panola County
06-290587 HUDSON GO Panola County
06-290594 HUDSON GO Panola County
06-290595 HUDSON GO Panola County
06-290643 STRONG-CRIM (AW) Rusk County
06-290676 STRONG-CRIM (AW) Rusk County
06-290907 ALFORD JB-BIRDWELL (AW) Rusk County
06-290918 CADDO LAKE (AW) Panola County
06-290919 HUDSON GO Panola County
06-290920 CADDO LAKE (AW) Panola County
06-290924 HUDSON GO Panola County
06-290928 CADDO LAKE (AW) Panola County
06-290975 ALFORD JB-BIRDWELL (AW) Rusk County
06-291268 MARSH TD-ARRINGTON (AW) Upshur County
06-291269 MARSH TD-COLLIE (AW) Upshur County
06-291463 FURRH-FINDLEY GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-291464 FURRH-MIMS GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-291465 FURRH-MIMS (AW) Harrison County
06-291476 FURRH-TILLER GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-291485 FURRH-COLLIER GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-291486 FURRH-COLLIER GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-291509 FURRH-MIMS (AW) Harrison County
06-291731 LAKE-FURRH (AW) Panola County
06-291732 LAKE-FURRH (AW) Panola County
06-291733 TOLEDO BEND (AW) Panola County
06-291734 TOLEDO BEND (AW) Panola County
06-292007 BOWMAN-ASHMORE (AW) Rusk County
06-292042 BOWMAN-GOLDSBERRY (AW) Rusk County
06-292328 MCGILL-MURPHY (AW) Cherokee County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation