Samson Lone Star, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Samson Lone Star, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Samson Lone Star, LLC
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15 E 5TH ST STE 1000
TULSA, OK 74103

Leases Operated by Samson Lone Star, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-152286 NELSON, C. S. Live Oak County
03-04575 PRUITT, MRS. MINNIE, FEE Liberty County
03-05261 BALDWIN, J. C. FEE A/C 1 Liberty County
03-12200 MCDERMOND, F. Jefferson County
03-203126 SUN FEE Jefferson County
03-242413 SUN-HARDER A Jefferson County
03-260140 WALTER CO. Jefferson County
03-26204 MCVEY Madison County
04-181314 COATES 553 Starr County
06-10506 JOHNSON O.B. -B- Smith County
06-142215 SCOTT, WALTER Smith County
06-179766 FURLOW, A. B. Shelby County
06-202212 MARY ANN GAS UNIT Shelby County
06-205688 CHRISTINE GAS UNIT Shelby County
06-249114 CARTER, KF WH "A2" GU Panola County
06-254409 THELMA LOU GU 1 Nacogdoches County
06-256066 EDWARD WESTMORELAND GAS UNIT 1 Panola County
06-256117 LUCAS GAS UNIT 1 Nacogdoches County
06-258413 TAYLOR, A.B. Rusk County
06-259645 HANCOCK-SMITH GAS UNIT Panola County
06-259959 MINK Harrison County
06-261583 TWOMEY HEIRS Panola County
06-264598 ABNEY, R. K. "B" Harrison County
06-264599 ABNEY, R. K. "B" Harrison County
06-264600 KAIN GU 1 Harrison County
06-264601 BLUE JAY GU Nacogdoches County
06-264602 WERNER-HUSBAND Panola County
06-265188 NOLTE Harrison County
06-265219 BIGGS Panola County
06-265846 WERNER, LOUIS Panola County
06-266013 WERNER, LOUIS Panola County
06-266731 FROST LUMBER COMPANY GU 1 Panola County
06-266732 FROST LUMBER COMPANY GU 1 Panola County
06-267701 CRNKO-BIGGS SL Panola County
06-267930 HANCOCK-SMITH GAS UNIT Panola County
06-267956 TWOMEY HEIRS Panola County
06-268103 CRNKO-BIGGS SL Panola County
06-271059 REEVES 'A' SL Panola County
06-271060 REEVES SL Panola County
06-271768 WERNER, LOUIS Panola County
06-271904 WERNER-HUSBAND Panola County
06-271981 CARAWAY-ASH Panola County
06-271988 WERNER-HUSBAND Panola County
06-272644 TSRHCC Harrison County
06-273320 WERNER-CARAWAY Panola County
06-273569 KNIGHT-STRONG GAS UNIT Panola County
06-274254 REEVES Panola County
06-274820 WERNER-CARAWAY SL Panola County
06-274998 WERNER-CARAWAY SL Panola County
06-275131 WOODS GU Panola County
06-275172 BIGGS SL Panola County
06-275215 M. K. DREYFUS-BLOCKER (ALLOC.) Harrison County
06-275241 REEVES A SL Panola County
06-275385 GEORGE FOREMAN GU 1 Harrison County
06-275826 OWENS-SHAW Panola County
06-275873 OWENS-SHAW Panola County
06-276208 CARAWAY-ASH Panola County
06-276495 CAROLINE, BLAKE Harrison County
06-276601 CARAWAY-NEEDHAM-ASH (ALLOC) Panola County
06-276607 NOLAN Panola County
06-276749 STRONG, W. C. Rusk County
06-276776 WOODLEY GU 1 Harrison County
06-276942 NORRIS, N.C. Rusk County
06-276959 KNIGHT-STRONG GAS UNIT Panola County
08-31440 PHOENIX GRAYBURG UNIT Martin County
10-084053 BRYANT Wheeler County
10-08930 IVESTOR 57 SL Wheeler County
10-09029 DAVIS, G.C. Wheeler County
10-09039 LISTER A Wheeler County
10-262853 MEADOWS 5 Hemphill County
10-262968 IVESTOR 57 Wheeler County
10-268037 DAVIS 64 Wheeler County
10-275687 LISTER Wheeler County
10-276113 MEADOWS 31 Hemphill County
10-276666 POUNDS 18 Hemphill County
7C-02511 MCCLURE, W. W. A/C 1 Upton County
7C-06330 MOBIL-COOK Upton County
8A-63564 FLACHE, MITCHELL Terry County
8A-64133 SEATON Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Samson Lone Star, LLC