Sauder Management Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sauder Management Company
Map of Wells Operated by Sauder Management Company
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P O BOX 8546

Leases Operated by Sauder Management Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-064789 WAGGONER, HAZEL "A" Wise County
09-070580 SHOOP Wise County
09-071219 REEVES-MORRIS Wise County
09-072719 SAUDER, J. M. A. "A" Wise County
09-073475 WAGGONER, HAZEL "B" Wise County
09-075792 STEWART Wise County
09-079723 MYERS, JERRY "ABC" Wise County
09-079724 WINDER-MORRIS UNIT Wise County
09-080684 KIBLER, JOHN Denton County
09-081869 PERKINS-MITCHELL UNIT Wise County
09-086905 WAGGONER-WALKER UNIT Wise County
09-088287 WAGGONER Wise County
09-097137 WAGGONER, MARIE "E" Wise County
09-100084 FOREMAN-BROWN Wise County
09-104463 JOHNNIE MARIE "A" "C" Wise County
09-106180 SAUDER-STONE ET AL UNIT Wise County
09-106243 WAGGONER, MARIE "F" Wise County
09-110580 SAUDER-STONE ET AL UNIT Wise County
09-112493 WAGGONER "F" Wise County
09-113394 VAUGHT U.S.A. (L-2) Wise County
09-127982 CARTER Wise County
09-132601 WAGGONER, MARIE "B" Wise County
09-162817 CARTER, B. S. Wise County
09-19355 WAGGONER, T. J. & J. L. -C- Wichita County
09-19450 SAUDER, J. M. W. "B" Wise County
09-20724 WAGGONER, T. J. & J. -21- Wichita County
09-213635 ODOM (SLOCUM) RANCH Hood County
09-213636 ODOM (STEVENS) RANCH Parker County
09-21484 YOUNG, J. J. Wise County
09-21769 VAUGHT U.S.A. (L-2) Wise County
09-217833 MARTIN-HYPONEX UNIT Parker County
09-218061 ODOM (MARTIN) RANCH Parker County
09-223987 ODOM (MARTIN) RANCH Parker County
09-22969 WAGGONER, J & J "14" Wichita County
09-234423 ODOM (STEVENS) RANCH Parker County
09-234444 STEVENS-MARTIN UNIT Parker County
09-24204 WAGGONER "G" Wichita County
09-243558 ODOM (MARTIN) RANCH Parker County
09-246803 STEVENS-MARTIN UNIT II Parker County
09-272767 ODOM (MARTIN) RANCH Parker County
09-274513 ODOM (STEVENS) RANCH Parker County
7B-10787 MEEKS, L. B. Fisher County
7B-10824 ROBERTSON, R. O. Fisher County
7B-12268 BRINSON Stonewall County
7B-14871 MEEKS, L.B. Fisher County
7B-158846 MARTIN RANCH Parker County
7B-20924 MURPHY "A" Stonewall County
7B-21468 MURPHY Stonewall County
7B-21679 BEGGS, G. TRUST Stonewall County
7B-22457 MURPHY "B" Stonewall County
7B-232205 ODOM (SLOCUM) RANCH Hood County
7B-23551 BEGGS, G. TRUST 223 Stonewall County
7B-25685 BEGGS 223 A Stonewall County
8A-60642 ALEXANDER ESTATE "C" King County
8A-60670 ALEXANDER ESTATE "M" King County
8A-60827 ALEXANDER TRUST "N" King County
8A-65773 BEGGS "11" Dickens County
8A-65848 FOSTER "1" Dickens County
8A-65892 BEGGS "12" Dickens County
8A-66079 FOSTER "4" Dickens County
8A-66298 FOSTER "230" King County
8A-66327 FOSTER "3" Dickens County
8A-66336 PITCHFORK "3" King County
8A-66372 SPRINGER 210 King County
8A-66500 PITCHFORK "5" Dickens County
8A-66612 PITCHFORK "3" King County
8A-66691 DAVIDSON King County
8A-66692 BEGGS "7B" Dickens County
8A-66721 FOSTER-POWELL "1" Dickens County
8A-67099 BEGGS "21A" Dickens County
8A-67197 PITCHFORK-TOREADOR "17" Dickens County
8A-67231 PITCHFORK-TOREADOR "17" Dickens County
8A-67254 SPRINGER "191" King County
8A-67356 PITCHFORK-TOREADOR 17-B- Dickens County
8A-67601 PITCHFORK-TOREADOR "17C" Dickens County
8A-67747 SPRINGER "210 - A" King County
8A-68418 SPRINGER 191-A King County
8A-69073 SPRINGER 191-C King County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sauder Management Company