Saxon Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Saxon Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Saxon Oil Company
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3325 W. WADLEY, SUITE 200

Leases Operated by Saxon Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05287 HALSELL RANCH -6- Maverick County
01-069795 HALSELL RANCH -7- Maverick County
03-11836 JENKE, H.P. Lee County
08-23787 KELLY Winkler County
08-26121 CASLER Martin County
08-26200 GORE Martin County
08-26750 ECHOLS Dawson County
08-26753 WADE, GAY 3 Martin County
7B-10987 KNIERIM, C. L. Nolan County
7B-11270 MAGNESS, BEULAH Nolan County
7B-11322 SAYLES, HAL Taylor County
7B-11328 SAYLES, HAL Taylor County
7B-11400 HESTER, MATTIE Nolan County
7B-11502 ROCK, A. J. Taylor County
7B-11521 WATTS, R. C. Nolan County
7B-11600 BROWN, EDGAR -B- Taylor County
7B-13121 PINSON L.E. Stonewall County
7B-13378 HESTER C.W. Nolan County
7B-14097 INTERSTATE CATTLE CO. Stonewall County
7C-06231 PICKERING ESTATE Reagan County
7C-06329 MALONE, CYNTHIA -A- Reagan County
7C-06785 WINTERBOTHAM -A- Tom Green County
7C-07448 UNIVERSITY 12 Reagan County
7C-07562 UNIVERSITY "7" Reagan County
7C-07565 UNIVERSITY "18" Reagan County
7C-076973 WINTERBOTHAM "E" Tom Green County
7C-07723 UNIVERSITY 17-9 Reagan County
7C-07724 UNIVERSITY 16-58
7C-08339 AMACKER 86 Upton County
7C-08569 UNIVERSITY "22-10" Reagan County
7C-08969 UNIVERSITY 28-1 Reagan County
7C-09030 UNIVERSITY 28 "A"-1 Reagan County
7C-09471 UNIVERSITY "33-9" Reagan County
7C-09493 UNIVERSITY "27-9" Reagan County
8A-62942 JONES RANCH "B" Gaines County
8A-63359 JEM HAMLIN Kent County
8A-63471 KIDD ESTATE Dawson County
8A-63958 HINKLE "96" Kent County
8A-64268 HAMLIN "A" Kent County
8A-64541 HAMLIN "B" Kent County

Drilling Permits Filed by Saxon Oil Company