SDG Operating Company, Inc Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By SDG Operating Company, Inc
Map of Wells Operated by SDG Operating Company, Inc
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TYLER, TX 75701

Leases Operated by SDG Operating Company, Inc

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-090533 YAKESCH Milam County
03-080700 RICHARDS, MARY E. Trinity County
03-106807 CLARK, J.E. Trinity County
03-117538 KYLE Jefferson County
03-119817 DOORNBOS, W Jefferson County
03-138664 KEMPERS Montgomery County
03-140619 ALLIGATOR POINT UNIT Brazoria County
03-145254 KYLE GAS UNIT Jefferson County
03-170161 GREAT WEST CMT Trinity County
03-18708 KYLE Jefferson County
03-273197 MCKEE Orange County
05-01999 YORK, C. L. Van Zandt County
05-03688 DORR, IVY ROGERS Leon County
05-03724 FOWLER, JESSE Falls County
05-03855 YORK, C. L. "A" Van Zandt County
05-03879 C. L. YORK Van Zandt County
05-03896 C. L. YORK Van Zandt County
05-102841 WILLIAMS, LLOYD Robertson County
05-174592 FOWLER, JESSE Robertson County
05-207138 DORR, IVY ROGERS Leon County
06-00841 HUDSON, M. A. ETAL UNIT Wood County
06-00870 JOHNSTON, W. L. Wood County
06-01162 AMASON, A. L. Wood County
06-04077 GENECOV, A. S., ET AL Smith County
06-05371 BAGWELL, J. S. ETAL UNIT Franklin County
06-05471 MC ELYEA, J. H. Wood County
06-05901 REYNOLDS, W. S. Wood County
06-059717 TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS Nacogdoches County
06-067461 REYNOLDS, S. I. Upshur County
06-081317 WIENER ESTATE ET AL "X" Panola County
06-082868 KYLE UNIT Panola County
06-101748 ALLEN, JEANNIE Rusk County
06-10372 MOSLEY, L. Wood County
06-111275 JOAQUIN GAS UNIT "W" Shelby County
06-111311 JOAQUIN GAS UNIT "W" Shelby County
06-11609 LOU-TEX Harrison County
06-121791 HOWELL, RUTH Shelby County
06-122585 CARROLL, J. T. Shelby County
06-12870 SNIDER LUMBER COMPANY Harrison County
06-12900 CONGER, CURTIS Wood County
06-13587 SNIDER Harrison County
06-13591 OLDS Wood County
06-13731 ZIEGLER-OLDS Wood County
06-13811 FARRIS Wood County
06-13947 TRACT 11 Wood County
06-139793 CONGER, CURTIS Wood County
06-13983 R. D.-HARRISON Houston County
06-14127 A. S. GENECOV -A- ET AL Smith County
06-14227 MOSELEY Wood County
06-14315 GENECOV, A.S. -B- Smith County
06-14735 BROWN Anderson County
06-14841 TRACT 14 Wood County
06-14899 ROSE Wood County
06-15300 CURRIE Harrison County
06-168582 ORR-TIPPS Rusk County
06-239049 SEIF-RICHEY Rusk County
06-276364 RIESS Houston County
6E-07910 CHAPEL, ELMIRA Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by SDG Operating Company, Inc