Seagull Operating Co., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Seagull Operating Co., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Seagull Operating Co., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01651 HARTUNG -A- Atascosa County
01-02732 ECKOLS -C- Guadalupe County
01-02767 RANFT Guadalupe County
01-02768 DIX -E- Guadalupe County
01-02802 POSEY Guadalupe County
01-02862 ALVARDO Medina County
01-02863 LILLY, -B- Medina County
01-02871 MOSES Medina County
01-02879 APPLING Guadalupe County
01-02929 LILLY -A- Medina County
01-03389 STANFIELD Bexar County
01-03547 MITCHELL Bexar County
01-03566 KNIGHT Bexar County
01-03567 YTUARTE -A- Bexar County
01-03677 HOHMANN, PHILIP Bexar County
01-03700 KURZ -A- Bexar County
01-03701 SCHMIDT Bexar County
01-03710 CORLEY Guadalupe County
01-03719 CARTER Bexar County
01-03720 KOCH Bexar County
01-03747 KURZ -B- Bexar County
01-03750 BROWN ESTATE Bexar County
01-06334 COFFIELD M-1F (T-487) Milam County
01-06498 KLEMKE, FRED Bexar County
01-06840 BOHL -A- Medina County
01-06847 HAMILTON-E- Dimmit County
01-06881 HAMILTON -B- Dimmit County
01-06882 HAMILTON RANCH "A" Dimmit County
01-07104 LILLY-E- Frio County
01-08664 HENRY Atascosa County
01-09879 ERNST -D- Bexar County
01-09880 ERNST -E- Bexar County
01-10025 ERNST -G- Bexar County
01-10058 ERNST -F- Bexar County
01-10073 HARTUNG -D- Atascosa County
01-10591 DICKENS -B- Bexar County
01-10840 HEICKMAN -A- Atascosa County
01-10881 GOMEZ Atascosa County
01-10882 NEWMAN, C. Atascosa County
01-10883 SHAW Atascosa County
01-10884 MAHAN, T.J. -A- Atascosa County
01-10885 SHAW -A- Atascosa County
01-10887 GOMEZ -A- Atascosa County
01-10888 GUENTHER -A- Atascosa County
01-11136 CARTER "E" Bexar County
01-11137 MITCHELL "C" Bexar County
01-11141 KNIGHT "B" Bexar County
01-11215 SEFFEL Bexar County
01-11216 MCCAIN Bexar County
01-11217 SEFFEL -A- Bexar County
01-11218 BROWN, HORACE Bexar County
01-11219 SCHMIDT -A- Bexar County
01-11220 HENLEY Bexar County
01-11222 KURZ -A- Bexar County
01-11223 SCHMIDT Bexar County
01-11226 KURZ -B- Bexar County
01-11227 BROWN ESTATE Bexar County
01-11228 MCCAIN -A- Bexar County
01-11229 DOVE Bexar County
01-11230 MCCULLOUGH Bexar County
01-11231 MARSHALL Bexar County
01-11232 KURZ Bexar County
01-11233 ERNST Bexar County
01-11234 DOWNIE Bexar County
01-11237 DEVERS Bexar County
01-11238 CARTER -A- Bexar County
01-11239 ERNST -A- Bexar County
01-11240 KURZ -C- Bexar County
01-11248 ERNST -D- Bexar County
01-11249 ERNST -E- Bexar County
01-11250 ERNST -G- Bexar County
01-11251 ERNST -F- Bexar County
01-11487 KNIGHT "C" Bexar County
02-059565 SIBLEY, E. ESTATE Lavaca County
02-061379 SCHAEFER Jackson County
02-062806 SCHAEFER Jackson County
02-067219 SCHAEFER Jackson County
02-067417 SCHAEFER Jackson County
02-067590 SCHAEFER Jackson County
02-067931 SCHAEFER Jackson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Seagull Operating Co., Inc.