Senora Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Senora Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Senora Resources, Inc.
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Company Name:

P O BOX 190
DIME BOX, TX 77853


Leases Operated by Senora Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05808 LESLIE, VERA C. Frio County
01-06488 JOHNSON Gonzales County
01-06604 DUNLAP, SAM Dimmit County
01-07815 PETTIT Frio County
01-12353 NELSON -C- La Salle County
01-12653 JONES, G. Frio County
01-12787 GIDLEY Frio County
01-12789 MORROW Frio County
01-13021 BRUNDAGE Dimmit County
01-13043 BERMUDA Dimmit County
01-13330 RALPH Dimmit County
01-13454 LESLIE, VERA Frio County
01-13501 BARBARA Dimmit County
01-13641 JAMES Dimmit County
02-09242 HANSELKA Victoria County
02-174669 PEREIRA Goliad County
02-212388 ROEHL, OTTO C. DeWitt County
03-088480 MARY UNIT Washington County
03-089179 KATHY KAY Washington County
03-095041 TOMACHEFSKY UNIT Washington County
03-112575 SCHAWE Burleson County
03-116149 SEALY Burleson County
03-116150 TRUDY UNIT Burleson County
03-12310 CARMEAN, MRS. JOHN N. Lee County
03-12643 REINSCH ET AL Fayette County
03-12833 HUFF "A" UNIT Fayette County
03-128376 BROUSSARD, ET AL Jefferson County
03-130367 TRUDY UNIT Burleson County
03-13217 MORGAN, ASHLEY 1-H Fayette County
03-132298 SCHAWE Burleson County
03-132329 BROUSSARD, ET AL Jefferson County
03-132552 SEALY Burleson County
03-13692 RING, GREGG Fayette County
03-13919 BRYANT UNIT Burleson County
03-14144 MORGAN, J.A. "B" Fayette County
03-14538 BEESON, JACKIE UNIT Lee County
03-14614 WINKLER, CLARA Lee County
03-148295 CARMEAN, MRS. JOHN N. Lee County
03-154968 NIXON Washington County
03-15885 OLIVETTE UNIT Fayette County
03-15895 BRANCH-SMITH UNIT NO. 1 Lee County
03-160844 CARMEAN, MRS. JOHN N. Lee County
03-16772 HMK FISCHER Washington County
03-16774 MEANS Washington County
03-16943 LUCK ET AL Fayette County
03-17317 LEHMANN, IRA J. UNIT Lee County
03-17644 BARNETT, CURTIS Burleson County
03-17791 LILLIAN Lee County
03-179254 SCHAER, W. Austin County
03-18028 SCHNEIDER, WERNER Lee County
03-18053 STORK Lee County
03-18487 ABSHIRE Lee County
03-18600 THOMAS Burleson County
03-18942 THOMAS Burleson County
03-19035 WESLEY Lee County
03-19081 GERSCH-GATES #1 Lee County
03-19087 MIKULIN Lee County
03-19117 LEHMANN, ET AL Lee County
03-19218 VERNON-HOFFMAN UNIT Lee County
03-203909 HADJIK-HAAS Fort Bend County
03-21574 MORGAN, ASHLEY Washington County
03-22355 SWEDISH CHEF Washington County
03-228975 WEIDO Waller County
03-241453 HAJDIK-HAAS Fort Bend County
03-24637 ELO #3 Fayette County
03-24719 MINNS Waller County
03-25161 MINNS Waller County
03-25173 KARBER Waller County
03-25457 FRIETSCH Waller County
03-25458 KURATTI Waller County
05-222420 JIMMY HILL GAS UNIT Leon County
06-039571 POSS, L. T., UNIT 1 Panola County
09-22934 MAKIN BACON UNIT Wilbarger County
09-24232 AARON UNIT Wilbarger County

Drilling Permits Filed by Senora Resources, Inc.