Sha-Jam Operating Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sha-Jam Operating Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Sha-Jam Operating Corp.
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Leases Operated by Sha-Jam Operating Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-083554 HAWN Lee County
03-086243 HAWN Lee County
03-091129 SHORTY Lee County
03-107754 BERTHA ANN Lee County
03-108670 KIMBERLY Lee County
03-114485 STUERMER, EVELYN Lee County
03-12658 ANITA Fayette County
03-129933 COURTNEY Fayette County
03-13014 KNIGHT, L. B. Fayette County
03-13360 LOIS Fayette County
03-13397 WILMA Fayette County
03-134958 ANN Fayette County
03-136088 ANN Fayette County
03-13772 PAMALA Fayette County
03-13773 JAMIE Fayette County
03-140988 DODIE Lee County
03-141596 ZANA Lee County
03-14197 JONELL Fayette County
03-14359 KEYS Lee County
03-14523 WETH, J. Fayette County
03-149270 ANN Fayette County
03-15167 DOROTHY Lee County
03-15924 MELBA JUNE Fayette County
03-16037 BERTHA ANN Lee County
03-16304 BARBARA RUE Lee County
03-16337 MAXINE Fayette County
03-17413 ELAINE Fayette County
03-17734 CAROL Lee County
03-18126 WETH RAILROAD UNIT Fayette County
03-18391 BERTHA ANN Lee County
03-18730 SYLVIA Lee County
03-18872 LISA Fayette County
03-18961 KATHERINE Fayette County
03-18986 GERALINE Fayette County
03-19289 LISA Fayette County
03-19461 PATSY Lee County
03-19892 DODIE Lee County
03-20907 ZANA Lee County
03-22065 WEGENHOFT Fayette County
03-22201 ZAPALAC Fayette County
08-174927 TXL "HHH" Ector County
08-25514 STATE OF TEXAS -FT- Reeves County
08-36643 QUINN "37" Loving County
08-43893 TXL "HHH" Ector County
7B-28970 FOX Nolan County
7B-29120 AMANDA Nolan County
7B-29555 MICHAELS Nolan County
7B-29658 MICHAELS Nolan County
7C-09830 WILLIAMSON Menard County
7C-11117 MARTHANN Menard County
7C-11275 KAREN Menard County
7C-12061 MARTHANN "A" Menard County
7C-14429 MELISSA Runnels County
7C-14761 HARRIET Runnels County
7C-14966 RUTH Tom Green County
7C-15042 RUTH Tom Green County
7C-15059 MELISSA Runnels County
7C-15279 SPEER, LEON Runnels County
7C-15605 GRACE Kimble County
7C-15747 SAAM Runnels County
7C-15834 LUCY SWD Runnels County
7C-15973 FRANCISCA Runnels County
7C-16075 SMOKEY Runnels County
7C-16267 JOSIE Runnels County
7C-16635 SMOKEY Runnels County
7C-16886 ASHLEY Runnels County
7C-17085 NANCY Runnels County
7C-17211 SPEER, LEON Runnels County
7C-17462 LINDA Runnels County
7C-17646 SAPPHIRE Runnels County
7C-17693 PEGGY Menard County
7C-17856 ADDY Runnels County
7C-18073 NATALIE Runnels County
7C-18109 SAPPHIRE 'A' Runnels County
7C-18191 PEGGY Menard County
7C-18650 SAPPHIRE Runnels County
7C-19359 TERESA Runnels County
7C-19508 TERESA Runnels County
8A-70204 BLACK STONE Gaines County
8A-70304 VICKI Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sha-Jam Operating Corp.