Shelby Boswell Operator, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Shelby Boswell Operator, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Shelby Boswell Operator, LLC
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Company Name:

STE 1850
DALLAS, TX 75225


Leases Operated by Shelby Boswell Operator, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-243496 BOSWELL Robertson County
06-182384 GENE, AUBREY Shelby County
06-188557 WAYNE Shelby County
06-254406 HARVEY Shelby County
06-255889 CARZENAVA Shelby County
06-256206 JARRY Shelby County
06-256836 PILOT Shelby County
06-256920 HURST Shelby County
06-257366 SMITH Shelby County
06-257367 NOBLES Shelby County
06-258002 HERONE Shelby County
06-258149 DAVIS Shelby County
06-258427 DUKE Shelby County
06-258553 CATHERINE Shelby County
06-258784 HEZEKIAH Sabine County
06-259378 SAMFORD Shelby County
06-260774 KC GU Shelby County
06-260788 BRIDGES Sabine County
06-260887 CHRISTINE Shelby County
06-260890 HORTON FED Sabine County
06-261149 MCGUIRE Sabine County
06-261946 JEANNINE Shelby County
06-262116 FRAZIER FED Sabine County
06-262604 HATCH GU SAG San Augustine County
06-262826 DOUG SLB Shelby County
06-262871 PETROLEUM CREEK Nacogdoches County
06-262936 WEST SPOON GU SBN Sabine County
06-263055 WRIGHT GU SAG San Augustine County
06-263086 DURHAM GU SLB Shelby County
06-263176 ABNEY GU SLB Shelby County
06-263180 WEST INGRAM GU SBN Sabine County
06-263384 RICHARDS GU SBN Sabine County
06-263553 STERLING GU SAG San Augustine County
06-263680 DOME FED GU SLB Sabine County
06-263961 HARRIS GU SAG San Augustine County
06-264002 THRASH GU SLB Shelby County
06-265978 HARRY GU SLB Shelby County
06-266984 JACKSON SLB Shelby County
06-267957 EAST INGRAM GU SBN Sabine County

Drilling Permits Filed by Shelby Boswell Operator, LLC