Shell Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Shell Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Shell Oil Company
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3333 HWY 6 S

Leases Operated by Shell Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-03300 KAINER, CHARLES G. Karnes County
02-03302 KOTARA-JANYSEK UNIT Karnes County
02-03307 PAWELEK, BEN A. Karnes County
02-03540 SCHNITZ-RIEDEL UNIT Karnes County
02-058365 BORCHERS, WILLIAM Lavaca County
02-058486 BORCHERS, WILLIAM Lavaca County
02-058489 BORCHERS, WILLIAM Lavaca County
02-065823 BORCHERS, WILLIAM Lavaca County
02-065991 BORCHERS, WILLIAM Lavaca County
02-066057 BORCHERS, WILLIAM Lavaca County
02-077413 MATTHEW-KUESTER DeWitt County
02-077770 HENSLEY, M. G. Victoria County
02-079233 RESPONDEK UNIT DeWitt County
03-00794 SO. TEX. DEV. CO. Montgomery County
03-008218 COLE GAS UNIT Austin County
03-008219 HINTZ GAS UNIT -B- Austin County
03-008330 SHERIDAN GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-008441 HOYO, EMMA Colorado County
03-00912 HOOPER, W. N., -B- Montgomery County
03-00925 ALLEN -B- Montgomery County
03-040605 SHERIDAN G U Colorado County
03-040838 STATE TRACT 446L/SE/ Brazos Large Block Offshore
03-042414 MARTI-NORRIS UNIT Wharton County
03-042737 KANE-BRANDON UNIT Colorado County
03-07977 SHELL KIRBY LUMBER CO. TR. 53-A Tyler County
03-08011 FRANZ, J. H., ET AL UNIT Wharton County
03-080184 SHERIDAN GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-080270 SHERIDAN GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-26839 G. A. CHAPMAN Waller County
04-010551 TRAVINO, DESIDERIO Webb County
04-011357 BENTSEN BROTHERS -B- Starr County
04-011359 NEBLETT, G. E., ETAL GAS UNIT Starr County
04-045106 STEGALL, J. B. -A- Zapata County
04-046395 GARZA, A. M. -STATE Starr County
04-04692 GARZA, A. M.-STATE Starr County
04-051755 DAVIS Hidalgo County
04-074917 BENTSEN BROS. "B" Starr County
04-075884 MCALLEN, A. A. -B- Hidalgo County
04-077048 MCALLEN, A. A. Hidalgo County
04-077248 MCALLEN,A.A. -B- Hidalgo County
06-016369 MCELYEA, J. H. Wood County
06-016376 MCELYEA, J. H. Wood County
06-016514 BLALOCK-KIRKLAND UNIT Wood County
06-016518 INGRAM, J. B. Wood County
06-05816 LATHAM, S. -A- Cass County
06-058409 AMICABLE LIFE INS. CO. Wood County
06-05910 SPRINGMAN, G. ESTATE Anderson County
06-05946 CATHEY, H. S. Wood County
08-054791 EDWARDS DEEP UNIT Ward County
08-060249 WHALEY -C- Winkler County
08-060845 TXL DEVONIAN MAIN PAY UNIT Ector County
08-060849 TXL DEVONIAN MAIN PAY UNIT Ector County
08-16032 WOOD, -D- Crockett County
08-16346 HOBBS -L- Crockett County
08-16421 TXL DEVONIAN UNIT Ector County
08-16445 TXL -K- TRACT 1 Ector County
08-22439 EDWARDS Ward County
08-22509 THOMAS, -H- TRACT 1 Ector County
08-22623 THOMAS H TRACT II Ector County
08-24004 UNIVERSITY "F" Andrews County
09-12162 WILSON, P. G. Hardeman County
09-12734 GRIFFIN A
09-13013 FINSTON, A. Grayson County
7C-03659 JOHNS, C. D. -24- Crockett County
7C-03739 JOHNS, C. D. -24- Crockett County
7C-03762 WOOD-AMACKER Crockett County
7C-03775 WOOD-AMACKER Crockett County
7C-047733 LYNCH, MANN 22, UNIT 1 Pecos County
7C-04892 PRICE -8- Pecos County
7C-05294 AMACKER TRUST 37 Crockett County
7C-05363 AMACKER TRUST 18 Crockett County
8A-05214 COX, G. M. Gaines County
8A-05216 JONES, E. H. Gaines County
8A-05217 JONES, E.H. -B- Gaines County
8A-05218 LEAVERTON Gaines County
8A-15937 WILLARD, N. W. Yoakum County
8A-16039 WASSON -E- Gaines County
8A-16074 DOWDEN, C. A. Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Shell Oil Company