Shenandoah Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Shenandoah Petroleum Corporation
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24 SMITH RD 601


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Leases Operated by Shenandoah Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-173436 UNIVERSITY "8" Pecos County
08-180885 UNIVERSITY "4A" Pecos County
08-180886 UNIVERSITY "4A" Pecos County
08-180887 UNIVERSITY "4A" Pecos County
08-183358 UNIVERSITY "4" Pecos County
08-183364 UNIVERSITY "4" Pecos County
08-183365 UNIVERSITY "4" Pecos County
08-183367 UNIVERSITY "4" Pecos County
08-18820 RANDOLPH, A. T. -A- Reeves County
08-19042 HOOKS Howard County
08-19432 CHALK Howard County
08-19784 RANDOLPH -B- Reeves County
08-20198 FORTUNE, PEARL Reeves County
08-20406 RANDOLPH -C- Reeves County
08-20590 TXL -M- Reeves County
08-225723 WALKER Nolan County
08-26114 FISHER Andrews County
08-29524 UNIVERSITY BLOCK 14 CONS. Andrews County
08-33904 UNIVERSITY "4" Pecos County
08-34129 UNIVERSITY "9" Pecos County
08-34543 UNIVERSITY MCDANIELS "9" Pecos County
08-35781 UNIVERSITY "10A" Pecos County
08-36818 RED BLUFF "TXL 9" Reeves County
08-37287 RED BLUFF "APACHE 9" Loving County
08-37474 RED BLUFF "16" Reeves County
08-38947 RED HORSE "19" Reeves County
08-39057 RED HORSE "31" Reeves County
08-39636 MORRIS Pecos County
08-43079 GOLDEN BEND 34 Howard County
08-43979 GOLDEN BEND 27 Borden County
08-47302 GOLDEN BEND 34 Howard County
08-54196 SHENANDOAH BAR M SWD Midland County
08-57709 SHENANDOAH BAR M SWD Midland County
7B-02972 COX, E. S. Nolan County
7B-08712 LAKE TRAMMEL UNIT Nolan County
7C-116853 WALKER "A" Nolan County
8A-01904 SULLIVAN "A" Garza County
8A-05927 DEAN "I" Cochran County
8A-17770 SLAUGHTER "H" Garza County
8A-60084 LEAGUE 91 PROJECT Cochran County
8A-60106 CONOCO-DEAN UNIT Cochran County
8A-60305 LOTT, JOHN F. ET AL Garza County
8A-61444 8602 JV-P SWENSON "B" Garza County
8A-61607 8602 JV-P SWENSON Garza County
8A-61862 FLETCHER LOTT B Garza County
8A-62118 NEIL Gaines County
8A-62313 BISHOP Gaines County
8A-62342 MEDLIN "C" Gaines County
8A-62981 GINDORF Garza County
8A-64747 NEILL, OTIS Gaines County
8A-66330 THOMAS, HELEN Garza County
8A-66350 MACY LOTT "A" Garza County
8A-66351 BURKETT, L. ESTATE Garza County
8A-66359 LOTT, JOHN "13" Garza County
8A-66402 LOTT, JOHN "34" Garza County
8A-66408 KIRKPATRICK "68" Garza County
8A-66496 GOFORTH Garza County
8A-66631 MACY-LOTT "20" Garza County
8A-66646 MILLER, RALPH "521" Borden County
8A-66661 SPC MILLER -521- Borden County
8A-66736 BELEW -532- Borden County
8A-66892 FLETCHER LOTT A Garza County
8A-67225 SOUTH MALLET UNIT Cochran County
8A-67643 SLAUGHTER "H" Garza County
8A-68040 DIXIE RANCH Lynn County
8A-68717 DUBE Lynn County
8A-68755 LOTT TRUST "A" Garza County
8A-68756 LOTT TRUST "18" Garza County
8A-68758 LOTT TRUST "S" Garza County
8A-68759 LOTT TRUST "A" Garza County
8A-68938 MACY "167" Garza County
8A-69042 HOBBS Garza County
8A-69295 PORTER "9" Borden County
8A-69297 HERZOG Lynn County
8A-69356 COOK "A" Lynn County
8A-69593 KJJ "167" Garza County
8A-69953 LMT '167' Garza County
8A-70097 BIG RED ONE Garza County
8A-70174 BIG RED ONE Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Shenandoah Petroleum Corporation