Shield Petroleum Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Shield Petroleum
Map of Wells Operated by Shield Petroleum
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Leases Operated by Shield Petroleum

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04951 OBREGON -M- Frio County
01-05162 PENA -A- La Salle County
01-06154 KING, J.H. Frio County
01-08104 KING, J.H. -D- Frio County
01-12430 WEEKS, M.N. La Salle County
01-12649 OBREGON Frio County
01-12660 PENA #1 La Salle County
01-12753 RHODES-STATE Dimmit County
01-12931 FROST NATIONAL BANK Brooks County
01-13087 BEEVER, BILL INC. ET AL Frio County
01-13384 KING, ANNIE Frio County
01-13628 KING, J. H. Frio County
01-13653 B & B UNIT #1 Gonzales County
01-160896 RHODES - STATE Dimmit County
03-144347 WEISER A Lee County
03-145656 VILAS Brazos County
03-148008 JERICHO-VILAS Brazos County
03-148290 VILAS-MOORE Brazos County
03-151227 MOORE Brazos County
03-153402 WESTLANDS Brazos County
03-155050 WALTON OL Brazos County
03-155274 VILAS Brazos County
03-156347 KATHLEEN OL Brazos County
03-156533 T.J.M. OL Brazos County
03-160200 VILAS-WALTON Brazos County
03-160725 FALLS UNIT Washington County
03-161253 CHEYENNE Brazos County
03-161255 CHEYENNE Brazos County
03-161627 BIG CREEK OL Brazos County
03-162301 J. W. V. OL Brazos County
03-162865 O'MALLEY Washington County
03-167543 NEINAST UNIT Washington County
03-169959 GILLIS UNIT Washington County
03-19849 PAFFEN Bastrop County
03-19850 WEISER A Lee County
03-19949 BARNES #1 Brazos County
03-20293 L. N. Madison County
03-22989 GILLIS UNIT Washington County

Drilling Permits Filed by Shield Petroleum