Silver Hill Energy Operating LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Silver Hill Energy Operating LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Silver Hill Energy Operating LLC
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2850 N HARWOOD ST STE 1600
DALLAS, TX 75201


Leases Operated by Silver Hill Energy Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-288973 MARIA LUISA La Salle County
01-288978 MARIA LUISA La Salle County
01-288986 LINDSAY RANCH UNIT Webb County
01-289491 STATE MARY Webb County
01-289541 STATE MARY Webb County
01-290541 STATE EDITH UNIT Webb County
01-292691 STATE MARY Webb County
01-292708 STATE EDITH UNIT Webb County
01-294488 STATE MARY Webb County
01-294641 STATE SANTA FLORENTINA Webb County
04-268922 CALLAGHAN A Webb County
04-292713 STATE EDITH UNIT Webb County
04-292861 STATE MARY Webb County
04-294489 STATE MARY Webb County
04-294958 STATE SANTA FLORENTINA A Webb County
04-294964 STATE SANTA FLORENTINA B Webb County
06-029318 TILLER-CRENSHAW Panola County
06-099998 TILLER-CRENSHAW Panola County
06-137008 TILLER-CRENSHAW UNIT Panola County
06-180346 USA-BRIDGES Shelby County
06-183451 SHOFNER Shelby County
06-183536 DAVIS Shelby County
06-183866 USA-BRIDGES Shelby County
06-183867 POLLEY "A" Shelby County
06-184872 HENDERSON "A" Shelby County
06-187662 ZAP Shelby County
06-189193 USA-LOCK Shelby County
06-189811 USA MASSEY Shelby County
06-190876 HAMILL Shelby County
06-200153 USA-LOCK Shelby County
06-200154 USA-LAWSON Shelby County
06-207711 USA-ELLINGTON Shelby County
06-208207 USA-ELLINGTON Shelby County
06-215967 USA ELLINGTON Shelby County
06-246161 ZAP Shelby County
06-249121 BOOKOUT GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-252071 STRATOCASTER GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-254963 ELLINGTON-ELLORA Shelby County
06-256446 RUDD Harrison County
06-257694 U.S.A. DOUBLE H Shelby County
06-259568 PDU "PINE" Shelby County
06-260250 MARTINSVILLE Shelby County
06-261467 HINTON Shelby County
06-261566 EUBANKS UNIT Shelby County
06-261574 MARSHALL ANDERSON Shelby County
06-263411 DOYLE BOLES FEDERAL Shelby County
06-266984 JACKSON SLB Shelby County
06-288806 SHARP Panola County
06-289465 STRATOCASTER-STACY HV UNIT Harrison County
06-290367 USA COTHROM UNIT B Shelby County
06-291342 CAVIN-LEWIS ALLOC Panola County
06-291378 CAVIN-LEWIS ALLOC Panola County
06-291869 USA COTHROM UNIT MBS C11 Shelby County
06-292064 USA COTHROM UNIT MBS C8 Shelby County
06-292139 MILES BELL ROBERSON- JD FURRH A Panola County
06-292179 USA COTHROM UNIT HN N Shelby County
06-292270 USA COTHROM UNIT HN N Shelby County
06-292628 SHARP Panola County
06-292629 SHARP LEWIS - ALLOC Panola County
06-292644 TILLER CRENSHAW ALLOC 1H Panola County
06-292779 TILLER CRENSHAW ALLOC 3H Panola County
06-292790 TILLER CRENSHAW ALLOC 2H Panola County
06-293571 USA COTHROM UNIT C3 Shelby County
06-293604 USA COTHROM UNIT A14 Shelby County
06-293687 USA COTHROM UNIT C1 Shelby County
06-294048 USA COTHROM UNIT A 10 Shelby County
06-294487 CAVIN LEWIS Panola County
06-294561 USA COTHROM UNIT A12 Shelby County
06-294805 LEWIS MILES BELL ROBERSON Panola County
06-294999 SHARP MILES BELL ROBERSON Panola County
06-295036 LEWIS MILES BELL ROBERSON 5H Panola County
06-295194 BOOKOUT B ALLOC Harrison County
06-295207 BOOKOUT A ALLOC Harrison County
06-295496 BOOKOUT C ALLOC Harrison County
06-295575 BOOKOUT D ALLOC Harrison County

Drilling Permits Filed by Silver Hill Energy Operating LLC