Sissom Oil Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sissom Oil
Map of Wells Operated by Sissom Oil
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BOX 344

Leases Operated by Sissom Oil

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-00153 WILSON -D- Archer County
09-00197 WILSON Archer County
09-00272 WILSON, L. F. -A- Archer County
09-00829 THOMAS UNIT Archer County
09-05576 CHILSON, LYLAN Wichita County
09-05577 CHILSON, W. H. Wichita County
09-05579 PEERY-BRIDWELL Wichita County
09-05871 MURPHREE, J. Wichita County
09-06003 PACE, T. J. -A- Wichita County
09-06005 WICHITA RIVER TRACT #3 Wichita County
09-09684 PACE, T. J. -A- Wichita County
09-11102 MCDONALD Wichita County
09-12320 DAUME -B- Archer County
09-12536 CHILSON EST. Wichita County
09-12926 CAHOON, C. W. Archer County
09-13124 WICHITA RIVER TRACT #3 Wichita County
09-13434 FERGUSON, W. P., -C- Archer County
09-14667 DAUME Archer County
09-14832 PARKEY, J. R., -B- Archer County
09-15248 WATER IMPROVEMENT DIST. Wichita County
09-15876 FERGUSON "B" Archer County
09-16442 PERKINS Archer County
09-16577 JACKSON, J.L. Wichita County
09-16904 AMINEX H Archer County
09-17276 AMINEX Archer County
09-17644 SHEPERD (SHALLOW) Archer County
09-17924 BROWNIE AMINEX Archer County
09-18433 PARISH, JR. Archer County
09-22096 DUTTON, B.F. Wichita County
09-22385 DUTTON, B.F. "A" Wichita County
09-22665 MCSWAIN #4 Wichita County
09-22721 MCSWAIN #3 Wichita County
09-22870 MCSWAIN #6 Wichita County
09-22954 D.D.&P.-DUTTON Wichita County
09-23016 GREYSTONE-DUTTON Wichita County
09-23035 CHILSON "A" Wichita County
09-23375 MCSWAIN #5 Wichita County
09-23885 SABINE "B" Archer County
09-24262 MIDAMERICA DUTTON Wichita County
09-24321 FERGUSON "A" Archer County
09-24373 MID-AMERICA DUTTON "A" Wichita County
09-26165 DUTTON -A- Wichita County
09-26667 B.F. DUTTON Wichita County
09-26918 WILSON, L. F. Archer County
09-28873 SABINE Archer County
7B-13560 HATERIUS Jones County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sissom Oil