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Leases Operated by SM Energy Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-20532 BRISCOE C Webb County
01-20944 SAN AMBROSIA D (SA10) Webb County
01-20953 SAN AMBROSIA D (SA11) Webb County
01-21093 SAN AMBROSIA F (SA35) Webb County
01-293255 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-294237 BRISCOE R (SA27) STATE Webb County
01-294268 BRISCOE R (SA26) STATE Webb County
01-295147 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-295470 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-295543 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-295573 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-295574 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-295649 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-295738 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-295913 GALVAN RANCH Webb County
01-295942 BRISCOE G (SA15) STATE Webb County
01-296083 SAN AMBROSIA F (SA34) Webb County
01-296118 SAN AMBROSIA F (SA32) Webb County
01-296119 SAN AMBROSIA F (SA31) Webb County
08-47701 WHITAKER 21-28 UNIT Martin County
08-48171 OGRE 47-2 A Howard County
08-48207 BLISSARD 20-29 Martin County
08-48400 TACKLEBERRY 43-42 A Howard County
08-48539 TOP GUN Howard County
08-48742 GUITAR NORTH Howard County
08-49243 JESTER Martin County
08-49333 MAVERICK Howard County
08-49812 FEZZIK A Howard County
08-50218 LUMBERGH Martin County
08-50246 BIG DADDY B Howard County
08-50340 COUGAR A Howard County
08-50509 O'HAGEN B Howard County
08-50753 SHOOTER MCGAVIN B Howard County
08-51011 DUKE Howard County
08-51104 MIRACLE MAX A Howard County
08-51476 RAY KINSELLA Howard County
08-51911 SARAH CONNOR Martin County
08-52680 BUTTERCUP Howard County
08-52681 VIZZINI Howard County
08-52868 MCFLY D Howard County
08-52880 BERNARD Howard County
08-52954 FLENDERSON Howard County
08-53918 LASSARD Martin County
08-54491 ANDRE D Howard County
08-54524 URSULA TOMCAT A Howard County
08-55072 MILTON Martin County
08-55188 BENES Howard County
08-55304 SMAILS D Howard County
08-55962 URSULA BIG DADDY B Howard County
08-56358 MADADOR B Martin County
08-56371 MADADOR A Martin County
08-56607 APOLLO CREED Martin County
08-56776 BLISSARD D Martin County
08-56853 ANDRE A Howard County
08-58037 AROD 2-11-14 Dawson County
08-58050 BEESLY A Howard County
08-58069 HALPERT C Howard County
08-58318 ANNIE OAKLEY A Howard County
08-58319 ANNIE OAKLEY B Howard County
08-58320 ANNIE OAKLEY C Howard County
08-58321 ANNIE OAKLEY D Howard County
08-58322 ANNIE OAKLEY E Howard County
08-58372 HALPERT A Howard County
08-58373 HALPERT B Howard County
08-58441 EASTLAND BIG DADDY A Howard County
08-58442 EASTLAND BIG DADDY C Howard County
08-58443 EASTLAND BIG DADDY B Howard County
08-58444 EASTLAND BIG DADDY D Howard County
08-59200 JENNY MIRACLE MAX B Howard County
08-59211 JENNY MIRACLE MAX C Howard County
08-59291 JENNY MIRACLE MAX D Howard County
7C-21246 DORCUS BRENDA KATHRYN (SA) B Upton County
7C-21530 SUSAN CR KIRA (SA) A Upton County
7C-21537 SUSAN CR KIRA (SA) B Upton County
7C-21678 WILSON TXL POWELL Upton County
7C-22041 BRENDA KATHRYN (SA) B Upton County
7C-22153 BRITAIN CINDY KAY (SA) G Upton County
7C-22154 BRITAIN CINDY KAY (SA) H Upton County
7C-22287 JAMIE SARAH CHAN A Upton County
7C-22288 JAMIE SARAH CHAN B Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by SM Energy Company