Smith Bros. Casing Pullers, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Smith Bros. Casing Pullers, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Smith Bros. Casing Pullers, Inc.
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P O BOX 10019

Leases Operated by Smith Bros. Casing Pullers, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-089420 ATKINS Pecos County
08-103602 HUDGINS B Pecos County
08-112223 ADAMS Loving County
08-112950 ADAMS Loving County
08-112951 ADAMS Loving County
08-112952 ADAMS Loving County
08-112953 SAN ANGELO BANK Loving County
08-112954 SAN ANGELO BANK Loving County
08-112955 SAB Loving County
08-113267 SAN ANGELO BANK Loving County
08-113850 SAN ANGELO BANK Loving County
08-119261 CHAMPLIN-FOSTER Sterling County
08-15291 YATES, W. M. Martin County
08-21878 NANCE Martin County
08-22120 SLAUGHTER -B- Martin County
08-22863 MORGAN -A- Howard County
08-22866 MEDIA Martin County
08-23099 SHOFNER Martin County
08-25877 POWELL Howard County
08-26531 HOUSTON-SMITH Glasscock County
08-26768 O'DANIEL Howard County
08-27245 BLAIR ENERGY-JONES Martin County
08-27575 PETERS Martin County
08-27589 HALE -B- Martin County
08-27797 ERVIN Midland County
08-27870 MCCOLLUM Andrews County
08-28023 POWELL Howard County
08-28228 SAN ANGELO BANK Loving County
08-28461 JOHNSON Dawson County
08-29375 JEWEL Dawson County
08-29839 NICHOLS Midland County
08-29884 ROXIE Pecos County
08-30286 COWBOY BOB STATE -46- Loving County
08-30303 LEE Midland County
08-31265 RAE -40- Glasscock County
08-31641 NUTT -7- Pecos County
08-31686 WADDELL Winkler County
08-32018 ADAM Howard County
08-32019 SWINDELL Howard County
08-32835 PHILLIPS "A" Martin County
08-33181 COWDEN "G" Ector County
7B-17563 BUSBY Jones County
7B-20113 MILLER, P.H. Fisher County
7B-20843 THUNDERBOLT Fisher County
7C-04386 BRYANT ETAL Tom Green County
7C-07975 TURNER "B" Reagan County
7C-08553 BRADEN "B" Upton County
7C-09347 UNIVERSITY "28-9" Reagan County
7C-09660 UNIVERSITY 28-1 Reagan County
7C-11160 SUPERIOR RUTLEDGE, ALICE Crockett County
7C-11180 HALFF Upton County
7C-12112 GRIFFITH Upton County
7C-12574 OWENS RANCH -10- Upton County
7C-12587 UNIVERSITY "15-10" Reagan County
7C-13159 HANKS "B" Upton County
7C-131721 AMACKER Upton County
8A-60062 CURRIE, T. S. Martin County
8A-60401 REESE "A" Martin County
8A-60403 ELLSBERRY Martin County
8A-60822 HALE, S. B. Martin County
8A-61345 CURRIE, T. S. "A" Martin County
8A-62052 BURNS, GEORGE Martin County
8A-62210 TEXACO-EMMONS ESTATE Martin County
8A-62211 TEXACO-ALBERT TRUST Martin County
8A-62394 LUBBOCK DOSS Lubbock County
8A-62411 LEMON "A" Martin County
8A-62428 MAHONEY Martin County
8A-62556 GOODWIN, JACK Hockley County
8A-62617 REED Martin County
8A-62781 BARKOWSKY Dawson County
8A-62909 HAMLIN Kent County
8A-63860 CURRIE, JOHN "B" Martin County
8A-63861 JOHNSON, D. C. "D" Martin County
8A-63963 HALE, J. M. Martin County
8A-64341 SCHOENROCK Hockley County
8A-64347 HINKLE "84" Kent County
8A-64348 REED Hockley County
8A-65986 KIRKPATRICK Garza County
8A-66514 REED Garza County
8A-67342 MAHONEY "A" Martin County

Drilling Permits Filed by Smith Bros. Casing Pullers, Inc.