Smith Energy Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Smith Energy Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Smith Energy Operating Company
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Leases Operated by Smith Energy Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7C-20420 SHANNON ESTATE Crockett County
8A-69485 GREENE ACRES Lynn County
8A-69591 BIG HOSS Dawson County
8A-69620 FISHING HOLE Lynn County
8A-69682 BLACK PEARL Dawson County
8A-69688 SHINY ONE 51 Lynn County
8A-69784 CLAYTON 4 Borden County
8A-69791 CARTWRIGHT Lynn County
8A-69827 BEN Lynn County
8A-69920 HOP SING SWD Lynn County
8A-69923 RED ONION 48 Terry County
8A-69926 SHERIFF ROY COFFEE Lynn County
8A-69929 ZERO Lynn County
8A-69931 HUBBARD 3 Borden County
8A-69940 MINTON Terry County
8A-69942 GRIFFITH "61" Terry County
8A-69944 NOBLE "59" Terry County
8A-69956 COMSTOCK LODE Lynn County
8A-70003 HAMMER Dawson County
8A-70009 ARNOLD Lynn County
8A-70022 THREAD THE NEEDLE Lynn County
8A-70031 CRUTCHER Terry County
8A-70035 HORSESHOE 45 Borden County
8A-70071 COLEMAN RANCH 46 Borden County
8A-70109 BLUE LAGOON Lynn County
8A-70111 MR. ZIFFEL Terry County
8A-70133 DARRELL Dawson County
8A-70162 HUBBARD 3 Borden County
8A-70178 DOUBLE D Dawson County
8A-70189 KENDALL 2 Lynn County
8A-70191 HALVEY 19 Dawson County
8A-70214 W.M.L. 91 Terry County
8A-70263 HUDSON HORNETT Borden County
8A-70264 THE OTHER BROTHER Dawson County
8A-70274 LOTT 19 Garza County
8A-70276 WITTE 4 Dawson County
8A-70328 JETHRO Garza County
8A-70371 MACY-LOTT 3 Garza County
8A-70396 MACY-LOTT 3 Garza County
8A-70397 ESKIMO PIE 4 Lynn County
8A-70403 MONTY 48 Borden County
8A-70418 SPRING CREEK 402 Garza County
8A-70471 DEVENPORT 4 Lynn County
8A-70475 HOWARD 19 Dawson County
8A-70533 LOTT 37 Garza County
8A-70544 RIDDEL 14 Dawson County
8A-70567 PIERCE 14 Dawson County
8A-70638 ALEXANDER 13 Dawson County
8A-70664 PLK 31 Garza County
8A-70671 LOTT 37 Garza County
8A-70676 'WHEELIS 14' Dawson County
8A-70708 LOTT A SWD Garza County
8A-70821 ANDERSON 14 Dawson County
8A-70844 BIG HOSS Dawson County
8A-70934 CLINE 10 Dawson County
8A-71002 FAMBROUGH 14 Dawson County
8A-71003 GOLDEN 17 Dawson County
8A-71139 MACY-LOTT 3 Garza County
8A-71160 MOORE 50 Lynn County
8A-71173 WINFORD 3 Dawson County
8A-71212 LOTT 39 Garza County
8A-71225 YOUNG FPK 16 Dawson County
8A-71236 JONES 3 Dawson County
8A-71277 JONES 3 Dawson County
8A-71287 LOTT 38 SWD Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Smith Energy Operating Company