Sonora Petroleum Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sonora Petroleum Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Sonora Petroleum Corp.
Contact Information
Company Name:

PO BOX 340369
AUSTIN, TX 78734

Leases Operated by Sonora Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00749 DARBY, D. T. Atascosa County
01-00750 POWELL, E. L. Atascosa County
01-04137 EAST ELROY UNIT Travis County
01-10574 POWELL, E.L. Atascosa County
01-134207 POWELL, E.L. Atascosa County
01-13759 POWELL, E.L. Atascosa County
03-043877 SCURLOCK TRUST "A" Harris County
03-089617 VORST, WILLIAM VAN Harris County
03-105241 VAN VORST, WILLIAM ET AL UNIT Harris County
03-117981 HUTCHESON Liberty County
03-120010 WEBER Harris County
03-125335 FULBRIGHT UNIT Harris County
03-142319 SCURLOCK TRUST Harris County
03-150557 FISCHER Harris County
03-15516 LODGE LUMBER COMPANY UNIT Harris County
03-167413 SCURLOCK TRUST "A" Harris County
03-170538 VAN VORST Harris County
03-23224 SCURLOCK TRUST "A" Harris County
03-23277 LODGE LUMBER CO. Harris County
06-04215 GILMORE HEIRS UNIT Houston County
06-066798 NAVARRO CROSSING SWD SYSTEM #1 Houston County
06-082866 PERRONE Houston County
06-085132 PERRONE Houston County
06-085511 GILMORE Houston County
06-085857 YANDLE, W.A. ESTATE Rusk County
06-086103 PERRONE Houston County
06-086609 POLLARD UNIT Shelby County
06-089517 YANDLE UNIT NO. 2 Rusk County
06-093716 DAILEY, F. C. ET AL Houston County
06-094020 MATTHEWS, RONALD C. Harrison County
06-094132 DEARMAN, J. W. GAS UNIT 1 Shelby County
06-094574 DEARMAN, J. W. GAS UNIT Shelby County
06-095669 BLALOCK "A" Harrison County
06-095670 BLALOCK GAS UNIT 2 Harrison County
06-096112 YANDLE UNIT NO. 2 Rusk County
06-098073 EAST TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE Harrison County
06-099376 BLALOCK "B" Harrison County
06-101589 DINKLE Harrison County
06-102492 WILSON GAS UNIT Shelby County
06-102817 DAILEY, H. H. Houston County
06-10298 KENNEDY, C. W. & J. W. Houston County
06-103462 THORSELL, L. D. Marion County
06-10381 BURNS Houston County
06-10429 DAILEY, FRANK ET AL Houston County
06-105311 FINKLEA Harrison County
06-107289 WASHINGTON, E. W. HEIRS Harrison County
06-10743 POUNCY Houston County
06-109591 CLARK, WINSTON ET AL Harrison County
06-110209 DAILEY, H. H. Houston County
06-112119 ACKER Rusk County
06-11536 WAGNER, JENNIE Houston County
06-115875 PRINCE GAS UNIT 1 Rusk County
06-116002 STILL GAS UNIT 1 Rusk County
06-117992 FERGUSON GAS UNIT 1 Rusk County
06-117993 FERGUSON GAS UNIT 2 Rusk County
06-12034 KIRKPATRICK, JOHN OIL UNIT Harrison County
06-12071 IRVIN, ALVA J. ET UX OIL UNIT Harrison County
06-12081 LANGTON Harrison County
06-121445 ALLEN-KIRKPATRICK GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-121621 MARTIN, L.P. GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-122146 ALLEN-KIRKPATRICK GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-122561 CITY OF MARSHALL Harrison County
06-122705 KIRKPATRICK, ALLEN GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-122829 WARE Harrison County
06-134919 MARTIN, L.P. Harrison County
06-13788 WILSON Shelby County
06-13874 DEARMAN OIL UNIT Shelby County
06-13934 DEARMAN OIL UNIT Shelby County
06-14296 DEARMAN,J.W. GAS UNIT 1 Shelby County
06-145886 DAILEY, F. C. Houston County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sonora Petroleum Corp.