Southwestern Energy Prod. Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Southwestern Energy Prod. Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Southwestern Energy Prod. Co.
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Leases Operated by Southwestern Energy Prod. Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-06866 DUVAL COUNTY RANCH CO. -K- Duval County
04-11329 DUVAL COUNTY RANCH CO. "K" Duval County
06-097945 KICKAPOO CREEK GAS UNIT Smith County
06-14367 DUNCAN HEIRS UNIT Smith County
06-14973 TUPPEN (PETTET) 3 San Augustine County
06-14984 WATERMAN (PETTET) 3 Shelby County
06-194524 WILSON, GB GU 1 Smith County
06-203034 SHAW GAS UNIT 1 Smith County
06-203040 WILSON, P.M. HEIRS Smith County
06-213088 WALDROP, MEW GU 1 Smith County
06-213090 BRIGHT Smith County
06-216160 WOOLF, MOLLIE GAS UNIT Smith County
06-217452 SESSIONS HEIRS Angelina County
06-219671 WILSON, VERNON GAS UNIT Smith County
06-223957 ODOM, JR GU 1 Smith County
06-225194 ODOM, JR GU 1 Smith County
06-225354 WINSTON Nacogdoches County
06-225946 SHELTON Cherokee County
06-226498 THRASH, AFTON UNIT 1 Cherokee County
06-229003 MCMOYLE UNIT 1 Smith County
06-230163 SESSIONS HEIRS Cherokee County
06-232184 SHELTON Cherokee County
06-233344 GRIFFITH HEIRS GAS UNIT 3 Nacogdoches County
06-234313 SESSIONS HEIRS Angelina County
06-235747 TIMBERSTAR-HODGES GAS UNIT 1 San Augustine County
06-236889 PERRY GAS UNIT Smith County
06-237500 DAVIS HEIRS Angelina County
06-239430 SESSIONS, J.W. HEIRS Angelina County
06-241859 SESSIONS, RUBE Cherokee County
06-242045 TIMBERSTAR-HOPKINS San Augustine County
06-242078 TIMBERSTAR-WATERMAN San Augustine County
06-242390 TIMBERSTAR-MILLS San Augustine County
06-244204 ACHERON Shelby County
06-245094 MAST Nacogdoches County
06-245095 TIMBERSTAR-TUPPEN Shelby County
06-245851 BARNES, DA GU 1 Cherokee County
06-246064 TIMBERSTAR-TUPPEN Shelby County
06-246463 MCFADDIN MINERAL TRUST San Augustine County
06-246840 TIMBERSTAR-MILLS B San Augustine County
06-248295 KIRKPATRICK, WILLARD P. GU1 Smith County
06-249065 TIMBERSTAR-MILLS San Augustine County
06-251591 TIMBERSTAR-RAILROAD 153 San Augustine County
06-252038 TIMBERSTAR-TARTT San Augustine County
06-252045 BOLES, CECILIA San Augustine County
06-252387 TIMBERSTAR-BP-RAILROAD 153 San Augustine County
06-252594 TIMBERSTAR-TARTT San Augustine County
06-253480 TIMBERSTAR-HOPKINS GU 4 San Augustine County
06-254027 TIMBERSTAR-HOPKINS GU 3 San Augustine County
06-254397 ADJ MINERALS San Augustine County
06-254569 BURROWS GAS UNIT San Augustine County
06-254917 RED RIVER 257 A San Augustine County
06-255471 TIMBERSTAR-PLATT GU 1 San Augustine County
06-256216 ADJ MINERALS GU 3 San Augustine County
06-256333 TIMBERSTAR-BP-RAILROAD 152 GU 2 San Augustine County
06-256362 TIMBERSTAR-BP-MILLS San Augustine County
06-256379 TIMBERSTAR-BP-MILLS San Augustine County
06-258777 TIMBERSTAR-HOPKINS GU 6 San Augustine County
06-259279 TIMBERSTAR-SPRR 2 San Augustine County
06-259746 TIMBERSTAR-HOPKINS San Augustine County
06-260834 STEADHAM GU 1 San Augustine County
06-260837 TIMBERSTAR-PLATT GU 2 San Augustine County
06-260921 CREST E Shelby County
06-260967 WYNN TRUST H Shelby County
06-261377 BORDERS Q San Augustine County
06-261943 HALEY G Shelby County
06-262044 RISINGER J GU Shelby County
06-262298 CREST F GU Shelby County
06-264262 CREST D GU Shelby County
08-36606 COWDEN RANCH "48" Crane County
08-37060 COWDEN RANCH "50" Crane County
08-37159 COWDEN RANCH "49" Crane County
08-37210 COWDEN RANCH OIL UNIT "49" Crane County
08-37250 COWDEN OIL UNIT 1 Crane County
09-29165 RICE Montague County
8A-15869 LINKER, VINNIE C. Hockley County
8A-61626 WEBB, J. D. ESTATE Yoakum County
8A-64295 READ "B" Yoakum County
8A-65774 NELSON Yoakum County
8A-65941 RALPH Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by Southwestern Energy Prod. Co.