Spiller, Robert S. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Spiller, Robert S.
Map of Wells Operated by Spiller, Robert S.
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11103 WEST AVE SUITE 201

Leases Operated by Spiller, Robert S.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01596 MIRELES, JESUS JR. Atascosa County
01-02190 FISK, H. L. Bexar County
01-04625 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-05480 BENDELE, LAURA Medina County
01-06056 AHR, CARROLL Medina County
01-06340 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-07513 BILHARTZ, J. R. Medina County
01-075503 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-08335 POERNER, JOHN H. Medina County
01-09109 NICHOLS LUCY Atascosa County
01-09148 FOWLER, IMA Atascosa County
01-093155 POERNER, JOHN H. Medina County
01-093156 POERNER, JOHN H. Medina County
01-09635 HOOD, LLOYD E. Bexar County
01-09658 MIRELES, J. Atascosa County
01-10018 ALCORTA, GREGORIA Atascosa County
01-101632 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-101772 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-10253 BUSH, ED Atascosa County
01-103680 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-103681 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-10649 BUSH, ED -A- Atascosa County
01-10861 BUSH, ED -A- Atascosa County
01-126710 HENRY, E. G. McMullen County
01-129282 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-129747 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-131483 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-132134 ARCO FEE McMullen County
01-132135 ARCO FEE McMullen County
01-132247 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-132984 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-134256 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-134261 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-136727 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-137657 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-139532 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-139986 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-142353 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-148496 MATTHEWS Zavala County
01-149205 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
01-149275 BRISCOE RANCH Zavala County
02-07175 RAY, GEORGE A. Goliad County
02-116876 MCCAMPBELL, MARILOU Goliad County
02-118157 MCCORD, J. E. Goliad County
02-119180 MCCORD, J. E. Goliad County
02-120637 CLARKSON, K. Refugio County
02-131969 FLATO, FRANKLIN Goliad County
02-134085 RODGERS RANCH "A" Goliad County
04-043703 SAUCEDO Webb County
04-106821 SAENZ, G.F. Starr County
04-11249 RIVERA, ISABEL Hidalgo County
04-115132 SAENZ, G.F. Hidalgo County
04-126235 RIVERA, ISABEL Hidalgo County

Drilling Permits Filed by Spiller, Robert S.