Spur Operating Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Spur Operating Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Spur Operating Co.
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AUSTIN, TX 78701

Leases Operated by Spur Operating Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000227 POLLOK GAS UNIT NO. 1 Atascosa County
01-00801 BURNS, ELLA Atascosa County
01-00802 BURNS, JANE -B- Atascosa County
01-01364 HALFF & OPPENHEIMER Frio County
01-02421 WARE, ALPHA Zavala County
01-03094 HOLDSWORTH, E. M., -A- Zavala County
01-03095 HOLDSWORTH SEG. 4 /EL. UP./ UNIT Zavala County
01-03099 HOLDSWORTH, E. M., -A- Zavala County
01-04586 HALFF & OPPENHEIMER -C- Frio County
01-050572 WARE ALPHA -A- Zavala County
01-05444 HANSEN, ANTON Dimmit County
01-05649 WARE, ALPHA Zavala County
01-05805 MB KORN Dimmit County
01-05859 BOWMAN, MCLEAN "B" Dimmit County
01-061756 HANSEN, ANTON Dimmit County
01-08822 BURKHARDT, KATIE Atascosa County
01-114053 WILTGEN Zavala County
01-116522 WILTGEN Zavala County
01-11692 TITZMAN, TITIAN Wilson County
01-12716 OPPENHEIMER Frio County
01-12896 HUGO-BAKER Frio County
01-12948 SCHRADER-THIEDE Gonzales County
01-13308 WIATREK Wilson County
01-13677 LAVENDER-THIEDE Gonzales County
01-13954 H & O Frio County
01-13992 SARAH E. FERRY UNIT-BLOCK 13 Atascosa County
01-14047 WARE, ALPHA Zavala County
01-14054 WARE, ALPHA Zavala County
01-14122 CASARES Wilson County
01-14128 L.S.U. FERRY Atascosa County
01-14135 BUTTS & SAWYER Atascosa County
01-14141 KOSAREK Gonzales County
01-14156 LASKOWSKI Wilson County
01-14165 HALFF & OPPENHEIMER Frio County
01-14215 NELSON "A" Gonzales County
01-14258 JOHNSON Wilson County
01-186004 HOLDSWORTH, E. M. Zavala County
01-186005 HOLDSWORTH, E. M. Zavala County
02-09122 KOLINEK Karnes County
02-166903 OLSON Refugio County
03-089887 BARKLEY Matagorda County
03-156678 BICKHAM Matagorda County
03-161830 BICKHAM Matagorda County
03-20412 DURAN, FANNIE P. Matagorda County
03-21045 DURAN, FANNIE P. Matagorda County
04-13205 HARVEY San Patricio County
04-133483 HARVEY San Patricio County
04-155913 HARVEY San Patricio County
04-164796 HARVEY San Patricio County
06-13920 SOUTHERN PINE Newton County
06-13921 KIRBY-BLACK STONE OL Newton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Spur Operating Co.