St. Johns Operating #1 L.P. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By St. Johns Operating #1 L.P.
Map of Wells Operated by St. Johns Operating #1 L.P.
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Leases Operated by St. Johns Operating #1 L.P.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-02966 DONAHOE, JAMES Leon County
05-031479 HARCROW, T. E. Leon County
05-032589 LEVINE, SAM, ET AL Leon County
05-033616 PETERSON, G. C. Leon County
05-036682 VERCHER, O. D. Leon County
05-062617 PETERSON GAS UNIT # 1 Leon County
05-062858 HARCROW, T. E. UNIT #1 Leon County
05-159412 WILLIFORD Freestone County
06-015917 PALUXY GAS UNIT Smith County
06-015918 PALUXY GAS UNIT Smith County
06-015923 PALUXY GAS UNIT Smith County
08-11858 TXL -B- Ector County
08-18459 SELLERS -62- Sterling County
08-19227 SELLERS -64- Sterling County
08-19463 FINA-SELLERS "62" Sterling County
09-066343 PRICE Jack County
09-24526 BERREND Clay County
10-052495 PURYEAR UNIT -B- Hemphill County
10-054716 HOWELL Hemphill County
10-058360 PARSELL, ISABEL Roberts County
10-060339 CRANE UNIT Hemphill County
10-061665 THORNE Hemphill County
10-062932 JONES, W.S. & E.C. ESTATE Hemphill County
10-066087 BAUERSFIELD Roberts County
10-066088 FIELDS & SULLIVAN Roberts County
10-067374 CRANE, DOROTHY UNIT Hemphill County
10-067878 BOWERS Hemphill County
10-082576 URSCHEL Hemphill County
10-083275 WRIGHT Hemphill County
10-084536 IMMEL Hemphill County
10-088344 WRIGHT Hemphill County
10-090749 DAVIDSON Hemphill County
10-093632 WRIGHT Hemphill County
10-096597 TAYLOR Ochiltree County
10-097721 BARTON ESTATE Lipscomb County
10-098227 BARKER, C. W. Hemphill County
10-100047 ADCOCK Hemphill County
10-103099 FLOWERS Hemphill County
10-104912 GRACIE -121- Hemphill County
10-175429 BARTON ESTATE Lipscomb County
10-175709 CRANE UNIT #50 Hemphill County
10-190642 BARKER Hemphill County
10-191370 CRANE Hemphill County
10-193405 IMMEL Hemphill County
7B-069342 MCINTOSH D. Hood County
7B-069574 MCINTOSH D. Hood County
7B-071128 CRAVENS Hood County
7B-071136 MARSHALL-LOFTIN TRACT 4 Hood County
7B-071137 MARSHALL-LOFTIN TRACT 2 Hood County
7B-071329 BRATTEN RANCH Hood County
7B-071330 FAULKNER, K. H. Hood County
7B-071382 MCINTOSH D. Hood County
7B-072356 BRATTEN RANCH Hood County
7B-072737 NELSON, D. Hood County
7B-073094 WEST, F. Hood County
7B-077364 PEVELER, M. Hood County
7B-078928 BRATTEN RANCH Hood County
7B-079132 CRAVENS Hood County
7B-079588 NELON "B" Hood County
7B-079846 BRATTEN RANCH Hood County
7B-079872 BRATTEN RANCH Hood County
7B-080365 CRAVENS "B" Hood County
7B-080423 BRUNSON Parker County
7B-083538 PEVELER, M Hood County
7B-083636 WIGGINS Hood County
7B-084836 PEVELER, M Hood County
7B-087207 DAVIS "A" Somervell County
7B-087517 FRENCH Somervell County
7B-139232 SCHOMERS Hood County
7B-140101 LOWDEN, R. R. Hood County
7B-141027 WHITE MINES - KATY Parker County
7B-14168 NORTH HERRIN UNIT Haskell County
7B-143674 MCDOWELL, H.W. "A" Somervell County
7B-156977 PICKARD UNIT Parker County
7B-160874 PICKARD UNIT Parker County
7B-18933 SIMPSON, V. P. Eastland County
7B-19192 SIMPSON, T. P. Eastland County
7C-04864 N. E., I. A. B. UNIT Coke County
7C-07587 TERRY "118" Coke County
7C-08009 JOHNSON Tom Green County

Drilling Permits Filed by St. Johns Operating #1 L.P.